Tunes in the Stands

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Tunes in the Stands

Riley O'Connell, Staff Writer

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The marching band brings Friday night football games to life with their music. If the game is going well, the band plays celebratory tunes, and if the football team is behind, the bands job is to motivate with fight songs to excite the crown and encourage the football players.

Junior Tyler Cramer believes that the football games are “one of the best events at the school. It’s always exciting and energetic.”

“The football games themselves are exciting, but when the band plays, it makes everyone more upbeat and lifts the mood of the whole game.” shares sophomore Madison Koesler.

The halftime show  allows the band gets to impress the audience with their music talent as well as marching. Not only do they need to perfect their individual instruments, and be able to come together as a group, they also train hard to perfect their marching formations and unison. Each year they play different shows, each containing around three to four songs. Last year’s show was called The Beat My Heart Skipped, and this year, the show is titled Finis.

The show this year consists of classical songs, such as “Clair de Lune” and the “Barber of Seville.” Being able to play these songs takes a lot of time and practice. Two weeks before the start of school, the band practiced for eight hours a day for ten days along with the dance team. In addition, band practices every Monday and Thursday after school to add more components to the show that appeal to the audience.

“I know personally for me, it’s a lot of fun being in marching band and playing in the stands.” said sophomore Isabella Griffin.

The trumpets strong sounds, mixed with the french horns sweet melodies and the drumlines commanding and powerful beats make for an enjoyable background to the football games. Being in band takes a lot of commitment, so when watching them, do not think it is all easy. Everything they have become is due to practice and preparation.