Lyman Gains


Tess Carroll

Trenton Niles, Nina Brooks, Marek Simmons, Alyssa Key, and Andres Montilla display school pride with the new t-shirts and chick-fil-A sandwiches they earned by making learning gains.

Tess Carroll, Co-Editor

Tess Carroll



“Lyman High School is committed to providing educational opportunities that will prepare and empower students for an ever-changing global society.” This mission statement is shown throughout the hallways and classrooms of our campus. Administrators and staff work hard to make this school safe and better for students more than just academically.

“I overheard a teacher saying to a student that they care about them while I was walking to class and so yes I do believe that,” said sophomore Enrique Rivera.

Teachers and staff are empowering students and showing them that “everyone matters” is not just a saying it represents action being taken to empower students.

To encourage students to work hard and excel in school, the administration provides opportunities for students to celebrate their achievements and earn fun prizes. One example of this was the Learning Gains celebration. 349 students received a perfect report card with straight A’s just last year, and more than 500 students either improved or kept a 4.0 on their FSA tests. For that they received a We are Lyman T-shirt and Chick-fil-A sandwich. Students wear these shirts and show their school spirit while sharing their academic accomplishments.

“It gives us the confidence to keep trying hard in class and get the reward,” said Rivera. Students feel that receiving a gift helps them when it comes to academics and accomplishments.

Our goal is one year’s growth in one years’ time. This is where a 9th grader is at a 10th grade level and goes up for each grade level. This helps with graduation rate and encourages students to make the grades and graduate on time and have a successful future. Test scores are an important component to a successful score for the yearly grade of the school. Just last year our score was a B and to improve that we need to improve our graduation rate and test scores. With improving this comes many benefits to the school with opportunities for students and staff. We jumped to a B from a C in 2016 and have been a B since. The goal this year is to become an A.

There are many opportunities to help improve test scores and grades. There are tutoring options after school and many teachers allow students to come in before school and during break to help students with their work. Mrs. Dills is an Algebra teacher, her class is very engaging and students are always asking questions that she tries her best to answer. There are times after school and during break that she allows and encourages students to come and ask questions in the lesson they are having trouble in.

“I offer tutoring to Algebra II students on Monday afternoons, and to all Algebra I and II students Thursday afternoons. There are other teachers who tutor Algebra I on Tuesday mornings and Tuesday afternoons , as well as Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calc sessions offered during the week.” said Mrs. Dills.

Ask your teacher when tutoring is if you need help. Let’s get graduating and bring our B up to an A!

Loud and proud Gabriel Rodriguez, Danilo Rodriguez, and Jeremiah Janego showing there “We are Lyman” shirts they received from their learning gains accomplishments.