Students Take Paws for a New Period


Ethan Wagenhauser, design editor

Students began the year with something new in their schedule, an addition of a new class titled “Paws Period”. This class is designed for students’ life beyond the courses typically focused on during the school day. Paws Period allows students to take a break from their academics and focus on life skills such as time management for younger students and preparation for college applications for upperclassmen.

This new class comes after requests last year from students to better prepare them for what comes after high school. The administration is hoping that this monthly class can improve student’s academic and future careers.

“Paws Period is a mentor period that pairs students with a teacher mentor who can provide consistent support and guidance to assist in their success during their time here at Lyman and beyond. The topic for each Paws Period was generated through informal surveys of both staff and students with regards to beneficial information that was not always able to be presented in the general classroom setting,” explained Learning Coach Ms. Amy Moore.

The first trial of this class left many students hopeful for what is to come. Although the Paws Period gave good first impressions for students, some have ideas for improvement.

“Paws Period should be a homeroom,” said junior Kyle Broccolo, “So far, it hasn’t had time to help. If it were once a week, it would be much better.”

Similar to how it was first brought up, the administration is hoping that student feedback can help to improve the class, and give students the preparation they need for the future.

This was the first year that Paws Period was introduced, and although there has been many changes in the program, students have been happy with the results. “”Paws Period was a great learning experience that helped me better my chances for college,” said senior Josh Elfast.