A Blossoming Journey with Inspiring Artist, Lydia Morrin


Lydia Morrin

Christine Bui, contributor

Senior Lydia Morrin devotes her time into her artworks whether it’s at home or during school – you’ll always see art utensils in the palm of her hands, wanting to improve every single artwork after another.

After producing many artworks for the course of within seven years and being in her last year of high school, Morrin has considered goals such as: continuing her art path and traveling out of the country.

Morrin started her art career from when she was in elementary school.

“Ever since fifth grade, I just realized how passionate I was with drawing and I was committed to improving each time I worked on a piece of artwork.” Morrin said. “If I wasn’t continuing on the art path, I would probably work at Michael’s or any other art store or be an ASL interpreter.”

With Morrin’s passion for art, she realized that she has made improvements overtime. Once she began drawing, she noticed her artwork being average but when she compares her artworks from then to now, she noticed that she has made advancements and is proud of her accomplishments.

As Morrin compares artworks, she remembered her very first art piece which brings back agonizing memories.

“My first art piece was a Spiderman drawing, it was good. My mom used to hang it in her office but thank God that it’s not there anymore.” Morrin said, adding a laugh. “My most memorable art piece has to be a ceiling tile that I did for a comic bookstore. It was good at first but now I’ve realized that it wasn’t my best. However, there’s still room for improvements though!”

Other than accomplishing her art related goals, Morrin also has a love for the idea of traveling to some place new. Her ideal place to live in is in the country of Ireland, as she adores their cuisines, folklore, and music.

With having an ancestry of Irish natives, Morrin has grown up admiring and enjoying everything about Irish culture.

“I like how old fashion it is, you can soak in the landscape and culture.” Morrin said.

As an aspiring artist, Morrin has gone through it all. From her best moments to her worst moments. She has encountered obstacles such as artist’s block and experienced achievements like art commissions or just the overall feeling of contentment and making improvements.

When being school oriented and ambitious about certain passions, there can be struggles with balancing between the two.

“Sometimes I’m not motivated and or I may be busy with other work.” Morrin said.

There are also just days where work or artists may not be shown appreciation for their efforts and hard work.

“It’s not just that. The worst moment I’ve had was when I was doing a chalk drawing competition with my friend, Maria. We worked really hard, but we ended up losing and I cried!”

However, Morrin does have a best moment that she can’t ever forget and that she was joyous about.

“My best moment was when I was doing a mural for a salon building. It was my best moment because it was something new that I’ve never done before, and I was paid a good amount.” Morrin said.

At that moment, Morrin felt good, not just with herself, but with her progressing art skills.

“I feel like I’m getting better at times like those. I also realized that I’m improving a little faster too!”