Welcome home, Geoffrey

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Welcome home, Geoffrey

Kat Negron, staff writer

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“I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid!” Kids growing  up all over the world heard this song and remember when the store filed for bankruptcy back on March 15th and closed its doors. As Halloween approaches Toys R Us could be coming back from  the dead. A group of investors stated in bankruptcy court on Tuesday, October 2nd that they will be canceling an auction for Toys R Us.

This means everyone’s favorite kids store is coming back.

“I am so excited that Toys R Us is most likely coming back because I used to shop there all the time as a young child.” remarked sophomore Mara Dirienzo.

Toys R Us is due to come back bigger and better than ever. The company plans to work with other stores to bring back iconic toys and develop new ideas with innovative technology. Maybe all this is happening because lovable mascot Geoffrey has grown up allowing his brain to develop!  

Thanks to Toys R Us being on the horizon of reopening thousands of Americans who lost jobs during the closing of the stores may find new employment to support  their families.

 Not only is Toys R Us coming back from bankruptcy so is Babies R Us which is  great news for families all over the world. New and expecting mothers and fathers can prepare for all the stages of parenthood 

“I think this great for moms all over the world because I know if Toys R Us and Babies R Us are still open when I become a mom I will definitely take my children there.” commented sophomore Sofia Coppola.

 As Toys R Us continues its rise from the dead. Stay tuned for more upcoming news.