Spider-Man(PS4): The Heist (DLC) Game Review

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The New DLC for Spider-Man (PS4) swung its way into players’ consoles on October 23rd. This is the first out of three installments for The City That Never Sleeps expansion. The first chapter, The Heist, is primarily centered on the return of the character, Black Cat, who is well known for her interactions with Spider-Man. Although the DLC is really enjoyable and story built, it seems too quick, and only takes around half a day to complete.

The story starts with Spider-Man hearing rumors that the villainous crime boss, Hammerhead, is planning to steal a painting called the Maria. When Spider-Man goes to defend the art against Hammerhead’s goons, he is met with Black Cat, who also plans to steal the painting. In the end of that mission, Black Cat breaks the painting in half to find a USB which she needs to return to Hammerhead. This mission foreshadows the rest of the story, as Black Cat continues to double-cross anyone she works with for something she wants.

With this update, there are a few bugs, but nothing game breaking, such as some cut scenes where Black Cat’s hair goes through her neck, or when there are when the dialogue is occasionally not in sync. These are very minor, but can sometimes take you out of the Spider-Man experience. These will most likely be patched as bugs are often found upon the first days of a new release of many games.

The Heist was a good DLC, but it seemed a little too short and lacked a lot of key elements, like how certain characters were kind of thrown into the mix. I wish that they would have just released to full expansion with all of the DLCs [The Heist, Turf Wars, Silver Lining] combined,” said sophomore Ulric Skinner.

Another problem that many people have, is that the chapter goes by pretty fast. It doesn’t take long until you have reached the end of the chapter, and have everything unlocked. If you’re considering on purchasing it with the standard edition of the game, which costs $59.99, this chapter of the DLC expansion is fair for its $9.99 price point. Still, it feels too quick compared to the base game which can take about a week to complete. The City That Never Sleeps season pass costs $24.99 and allows access to The Heist and 2 more future chapters. In our opinion, it would be best to purchase the pass if you’re planning on downloading all the chapters anyways.

There are also three new side quests included in the DLC. These include stopping the Maggia crime families’ attacks, finding lost art stolen by the previous Black Cat, and stopping a criminal, named Screwball. Each of these quests fills an aspect of the game, such as the random crime attacks, which are conducted by the Maggia. These are quite enjoyable, but can become very repetitive.

At the end of November, players can plan to see the next DLC, Turf Wars, which picks up right where The Heist left off. Some new additions to the game have already been teased by Insomniac Games, the company that made the Spider-Man game, such as new suits that the web-slinger can wear. So in the Greyhound Growl’s opinion,  The Heist is a fun addition to the game, but was very short and felt rushed at many points, and had a lack of new content.

The Greyhound Growl gives The Heist 3 out of 4 paws