The Greatest Show Has Come to an End


Lyman’s annual homecoming week is an important tradition and always consists of many interesting and action-packed events. Check out the list below for a short summary of all of the events that took place over the 2018 homecoming week to see student opinions, the results of Friday’s big game, and much more!

Spirit Days

One of student’s favorite traditions are the daily spirit days! This year’s dress up days were Meme Monday, Times Two Tuesday, Out of This World Wednesday, Tame or Be Tamed Thursday, and Mega Blue and Gold Friday. While students enjoyed some of the days like Meme Monday, most felt that the themes this year were lacking in excitement and creativity. This lead to low student participation compared to last year’s homecoming week. Hopefully next year the themes will be more interesting to the students and more will participate.

“My favorite day was the Meme Day because it allowed me and my fellow students to express our creativity in a fun and interesting way,” said junior Devin Zielinski.

Door Decorating

On Monday students were given the opportunity to decorate their 5th period teacher’s door with the homecoming theme of ‘Tame or be Tamed’. Designs ranged from lions to acrobats, and even a movie theater! Although there were many great designs, the winner of them competition was Mr. Porter’s class! This friendly competition got students across campus excited for the rest of homecoming week.

“One of us sketched out what we wanted to do, and our teacher supplied us with what we needed. We all assigned jobs to each other where we would be most helpful,”sophomore Sky Raphael explained, “We added more onto it as we went along, combing each other’s ideas.”


Chalk Drawing 

Many students came out and left their mark at the annual chalk drawing contest to show their school spirit during homecoming week. Over the hour participants were given to complete their designs, many beautiful chalk drawings were created, but only one could.

Brook Burtner and Sara Glasser won 1st place for the chalk drawing with their interpretation of the theme Tame the Lions. {Picture Above}

“We came up with our design from the theme, ‘Tame the Lions’. The word that jumped out at me was ‘lion’, so I just went with that and looked up a bunch of references of lions for inspiration, which got me going to what we ultimately drew!” said freshman Brook Burtner.


Hypnotist Show

Hypnotist, Simon Sez, graced Lyman with his presence Monday night to perform a show that shocked the audience. After about 20 volunteers were selected and successfully put into a state of hypnosis, that’s when the entertainment began. The audience witnessed the volunteers participate in their very own boys only beauty pageant, a dance mob, and a jungle safari. However the most entertaining part was that when the volunteers woke up and remember close to nothing.

“It was soooooo good! Ha Ha it was really funny to watch,” sophomore Dennis Murray said after watching his friends become hypnotized.


Talent Show

A talent show is a way for students of a diverse community to come together and show off their talents. On Tuesday Lyman held it’s very own talent show where many students came together to share each others success.  From singers to dancers, and even a pianist, the talent show was a night to remember. The winner of the show was very anxious while preforming However, his nerves did not show while performing.

“While I was performing it was a really nerve wracking-moment because I was performing one of my own songs, so to win with it was an even bigger surprise,” commented senior Nicholas Sonksen.

The students who participated in the talent show did a wonderful job as well! At the end of the night everyone left the auditorium with a smile on hand proud of what their classmates had accomplished.


Powder Puff

The 2018 powder puff game was sure one to remember. The boy cheerleaders entertained the crowd and cheered on both teams with their creative and comedic cheers while the senior and junior girls faced off in a intimidating game of flag football. The game ended in a draw and was a fun experience overall for the crowd and the participants.

“The powder puff game was so much fun to play in. I don’t normally play football with my friends and getting the chance to during this game was a new and enlightening experience,” junior Emily Shilson said, “Most of the fun was the adrenaline of trying to beat the seniors and I will most definitely do it next year.” Playing in the powder puff game is a great way to have some fun and make some new friends.


Lyman Homecoming Parade

Football, Cheer, Dance, ROTC, Band, and many other clubs and organizations apart of the Lyman community participated in the first ever Lyman HOCO Parade to help bring the community together and get pumped up for homecoming. Although, disaster struck 30 minutes before the parade was scheduled to start! For about thirty minutes, the rain poured down soaking the crowd and everyone in the parade as well. Finally the rain cleaned, but that doesn’t mean everyone was hyped for homecoming again. The groups involved in the parade were not provided shelter from the rain, and many of the student’s instruments in the band suffered from water damage after this stunt. This made many people apart of the parade upset. These people hope that next year the school will have a better, more efficient plan for next year.

“The weather was cold and windy with heavy rains, leaving all of us shivering and soaked,” freshman Kate Schieffelin said, “The parade was poorly organized and handled, especially compared to other events such as pep rallies, games, and more.”


The Friday Pep Rally

Pep rallies are a time where all students can go show their school spirit and encourage the team playing. Unfortunately, last year the homecoming pep was rained out so many students were extra excited for this year’s. During the pep rally there were performances from the step team, dance team, boy’s powder puff cheerleaders, and many more. After the pep rally students were electrified and ready to cheer the football team on, win or lose, later that night.

“I love pep rally’s! They really hype me up, getting me exited for the game. I feel that the ones on the football field are more engaging and fun.” senior Harrison Wooten said, “I look forward to showing my school spirit and getting together with my classmates.”


The Big Game

The homecoming game was an eventful battle against the Oviedo Loins this year filled with lots of people and great energy. Before the game, the football players worked hard all season to prepare for this game. The homecoming game contains the biggest crowds and puts the most pressure on the football players to be victorious.

Malachi Shoop, sophomore, stated before the big game, “I’m feeling excited and I’m ready to play in the homecoming game. The coaches have worked with me and the other players a lot getting us prepared for the game, and I feel as though if we go out there, do what the coaches say, and work together, we could come out with the W. This game is extremely important not only because it’s our homecoming game, but because it’s against the district champs and it’s one of the last games of the season.”

Thankfully, the team did come out with a W and an impressive score of 34 to 14 by the end of the night.


The Dance

The homecoming dance is the big finale to homecoming week and is always much anticipated by almost the entire student body. To prepare for the dance, the leadership team decked out the campus in circus decorations as the students cleaned themselves up and dressed to the nines. Once the event started, students danced until their feet hurt, and then a little more, and enjoyed spending one slightly wild night with their lovers and their friends.

“Homecoming was so fun, my favorite part was being able to hang with my friends and jam out to the music” Dana Lugo, sophomore, said about her experience at the dance.