Can He Be Taken Down?

An astounding number of candidates have filed with the official Federal Election Commission to become an official presidential candidate; 615 to be exact. Out of all those candidates, will anyone be able to take down President Donald J. Trump? President Trump is confident in his reelection due to his strong stance on border security, continual lowering of unemployment numbers, and his loyal, supportive base. Many opponents, led by an experienced pool of Democrats, are eager to attempt to dethrone this controversial president.


Donald Trump, 72

Incumbent President Donald Trump is a name, and a face, all Americans should be familiar with is up for reelection to continue his works in “making America great again”. While Trump is known for mocking other candidates, his supporters stand by him and his Vice President Mike Pence through thick an thin. If reelected Trump plans to continue his efforts on boarder security with his plan to build a wall at the Mexico-American boarder, lower taxes for all Americans, strengthen the current military,  and develop an alternative to Obamacare which he wholeheartedly opposes. To financially support his reelection campaign, Trump is running on an American funded donation campaign and receiving revenue from all “Make America Great Again” merchandise sales.

Joe Biden, 76

Former Vice President Joe Biden has cast his ballot! This known best friend to Former President Obama is a crowd favorite among Democrats. Running on a platform pushing rebuilding the middle class, mending foreign relations, tackling climate change, and creating a more humane immigration policy, Biden is quickly gaining more and more support from the masses. This can be seen in his fundraising efforts. Like many other candidates, Biden is running a grassroots campaign built by sponsors and donations.

Cory Booker, 49

Senator Cory Booker is a Democrat from New Jersey who is known for his ideas of “baby bonds” (government funded saving accounts for US born children) and his work in the Senate concerning criminal justice reforms. This occasional fireman receives most of his funding for his campaign from his well-established, country-wide donors, many who are connected to Wall Street.

Pete Buttigieg, 37

South bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is becoming an unexpected phenomenon by already raising $7 million and counting towards him campaign by donations from the people. Buttigieg is the first openly LGBTQ+ presidential candidate and is an Afghanistan war naval veteran. If elected, he plans to tackle topics such as: climate change, generation identity, supreme court reforms, and the status of American troops in Afghanistan.

Tulsi Gabbard, 37

Representative Tusli Gabbard, from Hawaii, is an interesting candidate. She is known for controversy concerning insensitive statements she has made while young concerning the LGBTQ+ community and abortion, but has since retracted and apologized for her previous ignorance. Although, Gabbard is now more commonly known for her time in Iraq and running on issues such as: universal health care, criminal justice reforms, climate change action, opposing military inference in other nations, and supporting the “Keep Together Families Act”. Since announcing her candidacy, she has harshly rejected PAC money and had accepted donations from donors.

Kirsten Gillibrand, 52

Senator and mother Kristen Gillibrand is a candidate mostly known for her powerful stance regarding equality for all regardless of gender, sexual identity, or race. Other issues Gillibrand is running on are: gun reforms, Medicare-for-all, universal paid family leave, addressing sexual assault in the military, and now supports DACA & the elimination of ICE (even though Gillibrand was known for her more conservative views on immigration in the past). In order to support her campaign, Gillibrand has begun hosting private fundraisers and has, as early April, chosen not to disclose how much she has collected.

Kamala Harris, 54

Senator and former prosecutor Kamala Harris has caught the attention of the public more than almost any other candidate with her grassroots campaign that has been succeeded in financial success only by Sanders himself. Harris has been open about her stance on many issues, but her most passionate views she is running on include: cutting taxes for the middle class, Medicare-for-all, raising teacher salaries, and criminal justice reforms concerning issues such as bail and death rates.

Amy Klobuchar, 58

Senator Amy Klobuchar might be running on unique, important issues, but her known dehumanizing of her staff makes her stand apart not other candidates (and not in a good way). Klobuchar is running largely on the issues surrounding the opioid crisis and the high price of prescription drugs. Other views of Klobuchar include: fight against climate change, universal health care, and the expansion of access to voter registration. Since announcing her candidacy, donors, including PACs have been the main investors.

Beto O’Rourke, 46

Red-state liberal and former congressman Beto O’Rourke is a well-known and well-liked candidate among young people and Obama affiliates. This Texan man has gained popularity from the masses through his consistent use of social media and his opinions on created immigration policies that would oppose Trump, marijuana legalization, and rural hospital accessibility. Through his popularity O’Rourke has raised over $9.4 million by small-dollar fundraising to contribute to his campaign, passing only Sanders in numbers.

Bernie Sanders, 77

Is it time to feel the Bern again? Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is back after being beat by Hillary Clinton for the democratic spot on the 2016 presidential ballot and some might say better than ever. Bernie is running on the same issues and ideals as he did in 2016 along with some new, current issues. These include: Medicare-for-all, free public college tuition, imposing restriction on “the billionaires”, and gun control, specifically that gun control should be a state issue and background checks need to be be required. To fund his ever growing campaign, Bernie has built the largest grassroots base compared to any other candidate and is still growing everyday.

Elizabeth Warren, 69

Former Senator and Harvard bankruptcy law professor Elizabeth Warren is a well known face in the political world, but is that enough to make it on the ballot? Warren is a very passionate candidate who is strongly advocating for income equality, extreme taxing of the wealthy, Wall Street regulation, reconstruction of the middle class, and significant changes concerning foreign policy. Since establishing her campaign, Warren has made it clear she is strongly against accepting money from PACs and federally registered lobbyists and is funding her campaign solely by donations.

Andrew Yang, 44

Philanthropist, entrepreneur Andrew Yang is a candidate who isn’t afraid to joke around, but still gets the job done. Due to his past work under the Obama administration and as a former tech executive, Yang is running with the promises of: $1,000 a month universal income for all, pushing for the legalization of marijuana at the federal level, pardoning all nonviolent drug offenders on 4/20/2021, and dealing with the problem of technology taking jobs away from Americans. Like many other candidates, Yang is running his campaign based on donations from, as some would say, the Yang gang.