Animals to the Rescue!

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For a long time the military has been training marine life, such as sea lions and bottle nose dolphins. These animals are very easy to train and have worked with the military entering restricted areas since the since 1960’s. Sea lions and bottle nose dolphins are useful because they can find lost items and naval swimmers. The dolphins can detect underwater mines and plant explosives on enemy vessels as well.


Different military personnel have stated that these animals are effective and even helped spot objects and people on harbors during the cold war. Also during this time dolphins and sea lions were used to detect submarines.


The U.S. military trains around 75 dolphins and sea lions under a program called the Us Navy Marine Mammal Program. One dolphin in particular is named Tuffy. He was the first animal to successfully finish an open ocean military exercise by repeatedly diving to a sea lab carrying mail and tools to the Navy.


These intelligent creatures are not only beautiful but provide potentially lifesaving skills useful to the military.