College Admissions Scandel

Families cheat to get their kids excepted into elite colleges



So many students work hard for years to earn their places in the top colleges all over the country, but there has been about 750 families who have cheated their ways to get their kids accepted into these schools. Although these scandals have been going on for years, for the first time on March, 12th 2019, the wealthy parents were accused of using money to make fake athletic records, and pay people to cheat on college entrance exams. These tricks granted admission to schools such as Yale, Stanford, USC, UCLA, and Georgetown for these rich families. There was a variety of people involved in these scandals, such as college athletic coaches, school administrations, and parents. A few of the numerous contributors include Mark Riddell, Rudy Meredith, Felicity Huffman, and Lori Loughlin.


Mark Riddell is a counselor for a private school in Florida, and he was charged helping students on college entrance exams and changing their answers. Riddell pleaded guilty later in April.


Rudy Meredith, Yale’s head women’s soccer coach, accepted bribes of hundred of thousands of dollars from wealthy parents looking to get their kids into ivy league sports. Meredith plead guilty to two charges, and will likely have large fines and many years in prison.


Felicity Huffman, actress in shows American Crime and Desperate Housewives, payed someone $15,000 to cheat on her daughter’s college entrance exam. Huffman also later pleaded guilty of the charges in April after saying she was ashamed of her actions.


Lori Loughlin, Full House actress, along with her husband was charged with paying $500,000 to guarantee her daughter’s admission into USC. Unlike the others, Loughlin and her husband pleaded not guilty to the accusations. If they are found guilty they could both have to spend up to 40 years in prison.


These individuals are just a fraction of the people that contributed to these cases and caused 25 million dollars to be lost in all. Hopefully, after 9 years of scandals, no one will try to attempt these ways of cheating ever again so everyone can have a fair chance to get accepted into elite colleges.