Smile! You’re on Camera!

Lyman offers large variety of clubs ranging from academic involvement, to sports, and even to the photography club!

This club is a student run organization led by presidents Enok Arocho, junior, and Ella Snyder, junior, sponsored by Mrs. Pomeranz. The club meets every other Monday on Webex, from 2:30-3:30. All students are welcome to join, regardless if they are shooting from their phone or a professional camera.

“Enok and I decided to start a photography club because we both had a passion for photography,” Synder said.

Many other student’s share this passion! The club has only been in existence for a year, but has already gained a loyal following.

“So far, we are happy with the amount of people that have come to the club and are excited to continue to grow our photo club community,” Synder said.

The photography club continues to find new ways to keep members on their toes, whether it’s a fun activity or a lighthearted competition.

“Some of the most exciting activities we have done in photo club are the photo scavenger hunt, the ten minute photo challenge, and the panoramic photo game,” Synder said.

In addition to these activities every week in-between club meeting, members are given a photo challenge prompt to promote friendly competition between the members. This gives the members time to discuss different photo taking/editing techniques and show off their photography skills.

“I really enjoy taking pictures, and when photography club was created I was stoked to meet more people who were into the same thing as me,” sophomore Michael Hairston said.

For more information on photography club, follow them on Instagram! @lyman_photography