How Does the Live-Action Mulan Compare?

Compare & Contrast

This new Mulan moved away from the original Mulan in order to be more appealing and appropriate to Chinese culture. Instead of Mulan becoming injured in the fight and her true identity revealed, in the new Mulan, she disregards her secret identity and unwrapped her hair during combat against the Huns. Mulan didn’t cut her hair in the live-action remake, she instead put her hair into a bun. Also, Mulan was already a very skilled fighter and was able to control her chi in battle unlike in the animated version of the movie of Mulan struggling to learn basic warrior skills. One last significant difference was this version did not feature any singing and had a much more serious tone.

Where did Mushu go? 

Instead of the memorable dragon Mushu, a new character was introduced. A phoenix, her family’s symbol, follows Mulan throughout the movie and plays the role of her ancestors while playing into a more feminine side of Mulan. With gender playing such an important role in this story, this was a significant change from the more masculine Mushu.

Where can you watch Disney’s live-action Mulan

Disney+ members can pay $29.99 to own the movie through their account for as long as they have a Disney+ subscription. 

Why is this movie considered controversial? 

Main actress Liu Yifei’s stated her support for the Hong Kong police. This is controversial because in China a movement happened because of a bill that would allow people accused of crimes to be sent to places that Hong Kong had no extradition treaty with. At a protest, things got out of hand with a few protests throwing projectiles at the police. The police fought back with pepper spray, batons, and over 150 tear gas canisters. This brought political controversy. In addition, the movie was filmed in the Xinjiang region. This area alleged human rights violations against Uighurs Muslims. The Xinjiang internment camps, camps that imprison people without charges and no intention of filing a charge, that have been compared to the Holocaust’s concentration camps are here. An estimated total of eight million that have been through the camps. Because of both these reasons, many people have boycotted the film.

Our Consensus

The Live-action 2020 Mulan movie could have been better. From the lack of creativity in how she revealed herself to be women fighting under the Chinese Imperial Army to the emotional relationship with the character, Mulan had not faced any real challenges beside hiding her true identity. She went through training with relative ease and at the end of the movie was an even better warrior than Commander Tung.