Masks, Hallways, and Football?

How Lyman has handled COVID-19


The coronavirus has introduced plenty of new challenges for schools to tackle. From walking around campus to athletics, Lyman has been working to keep students and staff healthy. 

Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) has allowed multiple methods of learning this year: face-to-face, seminole connect, seminole county virtual school and hybrid. Everyone on campus must follow several safety protocols. For example: wearing a mask at all times. 

In addition to masks, Lyman developed a new one-way hallway system. The majority of hallways have been designated as one-way walking areas. To make up for longer travel times between classes, an additional two minutes have been added between class periods. 

“I think that Lyman has done all they can to create a safe space for all of the students,” senior Noah Goldberg said. “The hallway regulations are a bit of an overstep, but I see why they took the precaution to ensure the safety of all the students.”

In addition to these safety precautions, students and employees who experience any COVID-19 symptoms cannot attend school. Students who develop symptoms while at school will be sent to isolate in the COVID clinic and then quarantined for two weeks at home. 

Even with these precautions, Lyman is still allowing fall sports to take place. 

The football Fridays still included appearances from the Lyman Diamonds, marching band and cheerleaders. There was a capacity limit of 35%, put in place to help maintain social distancing guidelines. Despite the smaller crowds in the stands, the varsity cheerleaders were helping animate the crowd during games.

“I’m really glad that the games are still happening,” cheerleader and sophomore Kendall Dearth said. “I am glad that we are able to continue the season and keep everyone safe.”

Although, the usual halftime show performance from band, dance and color guard was cancelled this year. Instead, the Lyman Diamond executed a couple routines to entertain the crowd while the senior pep band provided music during the games. 

“My favorite part about football games is when the game ends and all the players, dancers and students sing the alma mater,” Lyman Diamond and junior Jordy Fiorica said. “Win or lose, we love our boys!”