You Don’t Got that Yummy Yummy Yum’

You Don’t Got that Yummy Yummy Yum’

Justin Bieber has released 43 songs and five number one hits.



“Love Yourself.”

“What do you Mean.”

“I’m the One.”

But his newest song “Yummy” didn’t make the cut.


Justin Bieber’s devoted fans, dubbed Beliebers, have been his main reason for success. Ranging from preteens to college students, these supporters have a reputation for being one of the most loyal fan bases in the music industry. That is, until “Yummy.”


“Pajamas, bed sets, posters, CDs, movies, barbies, stuffed animals, dress up clothes, regular clothes, I had Justin Bieber everything,” junior Kelsey Goodpaster said. “But compared to his old songs, ‘Yummy’ is awful.”


Bieber claims the song is about his wife Haley Bieber. In “Yummy,” Bieber compares his wife to a “Bona fide stallion”, a male, uncastrated horse, references her “jet set” life style, and repeatedly expresses his love for her “yummy-yum”, which has been interpreted as sexual acts. These odd lyrics combined with a generic pop song beat in the background have Beliebers confused.


“It’s such a downgrade from most of his other songs,” Goodpaster said. “His other songs were catchy and had meaning. This one’s lyrics are stupid and it’s beat isn’t that great either. He’s talking about sex with his wife when it sounds like a cereal commercial.”


The song’s response was shown in its ratings. “Yummy” only debuted number two on the Billboard Top 100 charts even after new marketing techniques from posting photos of babies, to releasing a “Yummy” specific drop from this clothing line Drew House, and even asking Beliebers to stream the song in their sleep on Instagram. 


Bieber’s comeback has cast doubt among audiences if he will be able to regain the talent from his past. The rest of the album is set to release later this year. This album also happens to be the first since his marriage to Haley Bieber. Beliebers wonder if his new source of inspiration is the cause for this demotion of quality compared to his ex Selena Gomez who is known to have inspired many of his earlier songs like “Mark My Words” and “Nothing Like Us.”


“Hopefully they will be better than ‘Yummy,’ but definitely not as good as they used to be,” Goodpaster said. “He doesn’t have Selena in his life anymore as that creative anchor for the heartbreak or happiness so they won’t be as good anymore.”