Celebrating Halloween Safely


Covid-19 is causing everyone to rethink celebrating Halloween this year. Counties are questioning whether to allow trick or treating this year. This doesn’t mean people can’t celebrate safely! Here are some safe ideas on what to do this spooky season.

A Costume Party

One alternative is a costume party! Online via zoom or Webex allows masks off safety for everyone involved. In person parties should follow proper CDC guidelines such as wearing face masks, maintaining 6 feet apart, and utilizing hand sanitizer. 

Spooky Movie Night

Plan a spooky movie night with a few friends or family. Watching Halloween classics like Hocus Pocus or Beetlejuice or horror movies like The Shining and The Exorcist while wearing masks and sitting on separate couches is another safe alternative.

Halloween Decorating

Going crazy with decorations can show people what the true Halloween spirit is all about. Invite some friends decorate around your house and yard or even make a small haunted house! Make sure everyone continues to follow CDC safety guidelines.

Trick or Treating With A Twist

No one said it wouldn’t be possible to trick or treat, only that it would be different. This year having a costume that involves a mask would be ideal. It’s necessary to take the proper safety precautions by continuing to wear a mask and gloves to protect yourself and others.

 Ways to make trick or treating safe include:

  • Leaving goodie bags outside
  • Leaving a bowl of candy
  • Handing candy to trick or treaters through a candy shoot