Sadness on a Saturday

Sadness on a Saturday

It was a successful and entertaining week of college football last Saturday. There were upsets on top of upsets, cancellations, and postponements, along with top teams who lost. It was an exciting week to watch some amateur football. 

Seven ranked teams lost last weekend, among those teams was Central Florida who fell in a flabbergasting loss to the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes. The score was 34-26. This loss most likely cost the Knight’s their season because they are in such a smaller conference than most other top teams. 

Another dreadful loss that hurt many fans was when Texas fell to their in-state rival Texas Christian. This loss angered many fans of the school and put Head Coach Tom Herman on the hot seat. Herman wasn’t the only coach to get himself into hot water.

Texas’s rivaling neighbor, Texas A&M, also came off a humiliating loss to Alabama, the current number two team in the nation. Head Coach Jimbo Fisher caught the attention of many frustrated fans and players after the way his team performed. A&M has a big matchup next week against the Florida Gators. If something doesn’t change, Fisher might be on his way. 

Yet another jaw-dropping loss was when Oklahoma lost to Iowa State. Oklahoma is now 1-2 which is stunning to most people and fans. They lost to teams who are unranked and borderline mediocre. They completely diminished their opportunity to make the playoffs. 

The most electrifying game of the week took place between the Kentucky Wildcats and Ole Miss Rebel. The final score being 42-41, a win for the Rebels in overtime. This win was emblematic for Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin, considering it was his first win as the Rebels’ coach.

Down by two touchdowns in the third, the players were not perturbed by the deficit. Sophomore Matt Coral had himself a game. Coral threw 320 yards, scoring four touchdowns, and was a determining factor in the Rebels victory. The Wildcats scored late in the fourth to tie the game thanks to Chris Rodriguez’s 1- yard touchdown run.

As overtime began, bitter-sweet feelings spread throughout Kroger Field. Quarterback Terry Wilson scored on the first drive of overtime, but kicker Matt Ruffolo missed the extra point. This one mistake led to an Ole Miss touchdown and a successful PAT solidifying the win for the Rebels. 

The week was a wild one and will definitely dictate who the four teams remaining at the end of the season will be. Some teams’ hopes diminished, others were uplifted. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of football to be played and anything can happen. 


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