Vote For Your Future


Voting season is here! But before you vote, you have to register.

Registering is a simple part of the voting process. Go to to learn how. All you need is your Florida drivers license, an identification card, and the last four digits of your social security number. 

If you aren’t old enough to vote yet, don’t fear! You can register to vote as early as 16 years old to become automatically registered when you turn 18.

Once you register, there are a couple of different ways to vote. 

To vote by mail-ballot, simply request a ballot online through the local election office. When you receive your ballot, fill it out and mail it back as soon as possible or deliver it in person to a polling location. 

For voting in person, head down to your local polling place. Here you can find the closest polling place near you: 

Make sure to research the issues on the ballot such as the Florida amendments, Presidential candidates, and local elections before going to vote.

Happy voting!