Murder Your Friends for Fun!

Among Us has become a popular game for people to play as it’s cheap and fun.


Among Us has blown up over the past months. The game involves a group of people together in your choice of 3 maps: the skill, Mira HQ, and Polus. The little character walks around trying to do tasks to beat out the ‘imposter’ who tried to kill the other crewmates until they are the last man standing. The crewmates have the opportunity to catch the imposters by pressing the emergency button and voting someone out. You can play at the crewmate or imposter!

The game for pc is only $4.99 on Steam and free on mobile devices. You can customize your character for free by changing your color and hat in the lobby. But, add-ons such as mini pet characters and limited edition hats will cost extra.

A big reason as to why the game has become so popular is because many big YouTubers and Twitch Streamers are playing. Some of them are: Markiplier, Jacksepticey, Pokimane, Sykkuno, Corpsehusband and Pewdiepie. AOC even streamed herself playing the game to raise money for Coronavirus relief.

Now everyone is playing it! Students and teachers are joining in on the fun.

“My students were playing it one day at the end of the class period, of course, this was after we had finished our lesson and discussion for the day,” Mr. Hovel said. “And I honestly had to learn what was making them all so excited and laughing so hard.”

The developers are coming out with more updates for the game. The new update is supposed to have symbols on the characters for people who are colorblind, new character colors and a new map.