Garth Brooks is Back!

Garth Brooks is Back!

Garth Brooks is back! Country singer Garth Brooks will be releasing a new album called FUN on November 20th. This will his first album since 2016. Brooks’ style of Country is for those who like a hint of the fast-paced, upbeat country sprinkled into mostly slower, calmer songs about the hardships of life.

The album consists of only 14 songs and 4 have already been released as singles. The singles are:

  • “All Day Long”
  • “Stronger Than Me”
  • “Dive Bar”
  • “Shallow”

Some of the remaining songs are:

  • “The Road I’m On”
  • “Courage of Love”
  • “Party Gras”
  • “That’s What Cowboys Do”

“I can’t wait for his new album!” junior Alrik Anderson said. “I’ve been waiting since last year when he first announced it and now it’s almost here!”

The only way to get your hands on this album will be to buy it off Amazon or iTunes.