Lyman’s Rising Fashionistas!

Lymans Rising Fashionistas!

People express themselves in many different ways whether it’s through their makeup, performing arts or in this case, fashion. Fashion isn’t exclusive to one style. In fact, there are hundreds of varying aesthetics. 

One style that has made a comeback is retro. Retro fashion is often full of two-dimensional shapes and unique textures like corduroy and velvet. Examples of retro clothing include baggy mom jeans, flannel shirts, velvet dresses and crop tops. 

Sophomore Sofia Fernandez considers her style to be ‘retro or throwback’ with her closet consisting of mostly baggy jeans, mini skirts, dainty tank tops, white shoes and oversized shirts. 

“Ever since I was younger I’ve always been more interested in the past than the present,” Fernandez said. “Plus, retro trends have set into what fashion is today and It’s really shown in the way I dress,” 

Another popular aesthetic is the e-boy/e-girl style. These terms are slang for a subculture of emo. E-girls usually have a wardrobe consisting of dark colors, pleated skirts, chains, layered clothing, and fishnets. Also, bright, heavy makeup is common for e-girls. E-boys are similar to e-girls, though they tend to wear more masculine clothing like collared shirts, crewneck sweaters, baggy jeans and button-up shirts while incorporating feminine aspects like painted nails.

Senior Frankie Jimenez groups his style into the e-boy category. Frankie’s closet is mostly full of graphic t-shirts.

“I just remember when the e-boy and e-girl trend was at its peak,” Jimenez said. “I kept thinking ‘that style looks like something I want to try’ and I stuck with it.”

Many comeback trends and new upcoming aesthetics are becoming seen through the social media app TikTok. One student who gets her style inspiration from TikTok is junior Candy Martinez.

“Sometimes I dress indie, another time it’s goth, and occasionally I wear hippie clothing with bell bottoms and tight-fitting shirts,” Martinez said. “I really felt the need to express myself as I went through TikTok and saw many different types of people wearing specific clothing and decided to wear what I thought was cute.”