An Alex Trebek Tribute


Alex Trebek, the longtime host of Jeopardy! died at the age of 80 on November 8th after a battle with cancer. Trebek was a beacon of joy and wisdom for millions of Americans who tuned into the weeknight episodes of the program. Trebek was a fighter who endured 18 months of pancreatic cancer.

Trebek had been a part of the show since 1984 when his first episode aired. His last show was recorded on October 29th 39 years later and was be aired on Christmas 2020.

Outside of the Jeopardy! set, Trebek was a loving husband and father to his wife and two kids. Personality-wise, he was a witty, down to earth, and a very likable person according to those who knew him best. His sense of humor is unmatched by most television hosts according to his wife.

He was also a fairly decorated man when it came to his achievements. He won Emmys in 03’, 06’, 08’, 19’, and 20’. In 2020, he also won the TCA Lifetime Achievement Award and an Academy Icon Award for this work on Jeopardy! Before he became the host, he began his career in show business in an NBC show called High Rollers.

Junior Alyssa Dillon found the loss of Trebek to be a major blow to her and her family. 

“I have watched Jeopardy! every night for as long as I can remember,” Dillon said. “While the game itself will stay the same, it will always feel different without his personality as the captain of the ship.”