Gifts of Love

Valentines Day Gift List

With Valentines Day coming up, there are so many options for what to get your partner or friends that most of us can’t figure out what is the right option. Check out this list for some ideas of what will bring a smile to your special someone on February 14th.

Box of Chocolates

 A box of chocolates has always been a gift rooted at the heart of Valentine’s and is usually pretty affordable. At Walmart, the Russell Stover Heart Box of Valentines Assorted Chocolates – 3.5 oz., 6 pieces is only $5 that also is included with a small plush teddy bear. Chocolates can be found at pretty much any store, Publix, Target, Walmart, you name it!

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, displaying love with a cuddly teddy bear or an adorable baby giraffe. On Amazon, there are tons of valentines themed plush animals holding hearts or roses. For $19.99 there is the GUND Deangelo Valentine’s Day Dog Holding Red Rose Stuffed Animal Plush on Amazon.


Hot Chocolate on a stick 

These are Chocolate sticks that are dipped in warm milk and stirred, turning it into hot chocolate along with chocolate that you can crunch into, basically meaning double chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate?


1/2 cup of heavy cream

14 ounces of milk

3 cups of chocolate chips

4 ounces of chocolate (chopped)

Further instructions on how to make these delicious treats can be found here.


Long Distance couples Bracelets

For couples that can’t always be together, long-distance bracelets can be a heart-warming gift to wear when apart. Check out lucky Feather Long Distance Relationships Couples Bracelets for a reminder of love and strength during the time and distance apart.

Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

For the special someone that loves breakfast, this heart-shaped waffle maker is the perfect gift for them. The Dash DMW001HR Machine at $25.99 is great for making mini heart-shaped waffles along with hash browns and paninis.

Giant Teddy Bear

For the people that want to get their special someone something to remember this $70 Giant Teddy Bear is the ideal gift. Ranging from 3 ft. for $70.99, 4 ft. for $99.99, to 6 ft. for $214.99, this cuddly friend is something your partner will be able to keep with them when you aren’t there as a reminder of you.

Spa Gift Baskets

These gift baskets can be perfect for the special someone that prides themselves on smelling and feeling good. On Amazon, the Spa Gift Basket for $29.99 consists of a variety of different items like shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, big heart-shaped bath bombs, oil diffuser and a bath puff.

Scented Candles

Scented candles with an immense variety of different scents with a perfect one for everyone. On Amazon, check out the four-pack of scented candles for $19.99 with odors like jasmine, gardenia, lavender, french vanilla, etc. If you are shopping in-person, stores like Target also have candle selections.


Flowers and Artificial Flowers

Flowers have always been a special gift to remind someone of their love for them. Specifically, roses have become an iconic gift on Valentine’s day. If you are worried about them dying, artificial flowers can be enjoyed a lot longer and maintain their beauty at the cost of the scent of real flowers. Artificial flowers can be found at stores like Hobby Lobby or you can get real flowers from Publix.