A Baseball Legend Lost


Hank Aaron, the famous right fielder for the Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves, passed away on the 22nd of January, 2021. He lived to the age of 86 and had six children in his lifetime. Aaron was most commonly known for being one of the first African-American baseball players to play in the major league, but also for his immense amount of talent on the field.

He was passionate about baseball for most of his life, playing at sandlots and minor leagues in his hometown where he grew up with six siblings. Aaron was well known for his talent both on the field and in the batters’ box, being a skilled hitter and right-fielder. In 1957, with a .322 batting average, he hit 44 home runs and 132 RBI’s.

Later in his baseball career, he would eventually go on to break Babe Ruth’s record for most home runs hit with 755 home runs total. In the year he broke the record, he would also earn the National League MVP Award. He became so well-known amongst the baseball community that he would go on to earn three Gold Glove Awards.

According to the Atlanta Braves, Hank Aaron passed away peacefully in his sleep. On the day of his death, many people gave their condolences to Hank Aaron and his family. Former President Barack Obama tweeted.

“Hank Aaron was one of the best baseball players we’ve ever seen and one of the strongest people I’ve ever met,” Former President Barack Obama tweeted. “Michelle and I send our thoughts and prayers to the Aaron family and everyone who was inspired by this unassuming man and his towering example.”

Among the baseball community, he will be dearly missed. On and off the field, he was a lovable player and an honorable man.