What to Watch!

TV show recommendations from the Greyhound Growl Staff


Kelsey: Outer Banks

On April 15th, 2020 Netflix released the first season of their ongoing hit series Outer Banks. The show takes place in the Outer Banks islands off the coast of North Carolina but is filmed in Charleston, South Carolina. This show is a mix of your classic murder mystery and treasure hunt dream. In the beginning, the show appears as if it is going to focus solely on the main character John B and his treasure hunt to find the gold of the lost ship The Royal Merchant but that quickly changes. Outer Banks includes heavy character development which allows you to really connect and relate to the characters, whether it be to Kiara’s passion to save the world’s creatures and protective nature, Pope’s ability to plan things out and kindness, John B’s bravery and clumsiness or JJ’s hilarious adventurous and caring sides but hopefully not his mild kleptomania. Outer Banks is a show that shows you true friendship and the power it has. 


Ema: Supernatural

Supernatural just came to an end after 15 seasons, that doesn’t mean it’s not still worth the watch. The show stars two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who fight monsters. In their world, vampires, werewolves and demons exist. In their world, not everybody knows about the monsters hiding out in the world. The show isn’t all serious though, the show makes sure to include fun content with the characters to take a break from the more serious and intimidating parts of the show. They have a collaboration when they go inside a tv and end up being in an episode of Scooby-Doo, as well as getting trapped in a loop of television shows. In later seasons, they end up meeting an angel named Castiel bringing in a celestial aspect to the show. He joins them and fights side by side trying to save the world from the monsters and new biblical elements. This show is a great one to binge-watch if you have some free time!


Carolann: Fate

The first season of the Netflix original Fate the Winx saga came out on January 22nd, with another season coming in late summer 2022. Usually, you have to wait for the second or third episode for it to jump into the plot, but Fate jumps right in. If you watched the Winx Club growing up, this is essentially a live-action version with more action. The first season is fairly short with only 6 episodes, but the plot thickens and draws you in each episode. The show starts off with Bloom the fire fairy going to the school for fairies. I won’t spoil the show, but I will say is that you should give it a watch. I enjoyed the show for its romance, battles, drama and so much more.  


Riley: Wanda Vision

Wanda Vision kicks off a new era for Marvel shows that follow characters from the cinematic universe. The first season starts off with Wanda Maximoff and Vision arriving back home after their wedding day. The show has a black and white color pallet and an old fashioned set, taking heavy inspiration from the Dick Van Dyke Show. According to Paul Bettany, “episode by episode, week by week, Vision begins to really realize something is not right about this. Something is not right about this town. And then the MCU that we all collide in the most epic of endings.” This has fans excited to see how this show will evolve and change over time. On the other side, other fans could care less how it ends up. Despite wanting the show to do well, they feel it is unnecessary to tell a story about characters that no one has really connected with. Some of that problem partially goes to how Vision already met his fate in Avengers: Infinity War. Somehow, he is still alive within the story despite Wanda Vision taking place after this film. So if you enjoy Marvel, you should at least give this show a chance.


Jake: South Park

South Park is a show about four elementary school boys in Park County, Colorado who always seem to find themselves in situations way over their heads but with comedic flair to go along with it. It is not for the lighthearted. Many of their jokes are definitely over the so-called line. They haven’t shown any limits for what they are willing to make a quick joke or even an episode about in the 20+ years South Park has aired. 

Each episode has a unique storyline, but oftentimes the show is stolen by Eric Cartman, the catalyst of the boys. He always seems to find his way in the middle of things that most adults wouldn’t or shouldn’t find themselves in. Typically, whatever the pressing issue ends up being is related to current events from the time that episode was produced. 

Overall, South Park is considered to be repulsive to those who do not tolerate their jokes, but all that means is they are not the target audience. If you can take a joke, South Park is the show for you.


Justin: YOU

You is a crime drama and psychological thriller following Joe Goldberg, a man in love who also happens to be a violent sadistic, eliminating any obstacles to have the perfect relationship. This is definitely a binge-worthy show following Goldberg trying to justify his killings in the name of love. 

Throughout the show, he convinces the audience more and more that he is not a bad guy or a murderer. He just needs someone to love him for him. Along with plenty of plot twists, the show is well thought out and is an adaptation better than most. Based on Caroline Kepnes’s books You and Hidden Bodies, this show has become a critical success for Netflix with over 43 million views of the first season when it debuted and 54 million on the second season. The show is renewed for a third season, set to be released in 2021. 


Kate: Stranger Things 

Netflix’s thriller Stranger Things has been nominated for a plethora of awards, including the Emmys and Golden Globes, and received an overwhelming amount of praise from critics. The show is set in the 1980s and starts when a young boy named Will Byers goes missing in the woods near a top-secret government lab. As his friends and family begin their search to find him, a strange young girl, referred to as Eleven, with telekinetic powers ends up at a diner after her escape from the government lab. Eleven becomes a prominent figure in the search for Will Byers and in their small town of Hawkins, Indiana. The show will take viewers on a ride full of consternation, love, and satisfaction. 


Cameron: Regular Show

If you haven’t seen Regular Show you should. It’s something you don’t want to miss. Regular Show was one of the best shows to ever air on Cartoon Network. Its eight seasons made a lot of people laugh.

The show was about Mordechai, Rigby and their co-workers and all the weird things that happen to them which is ironic because of the show’s name. There are many great moments in the series like the prank wars, a posed doll wanting to draw on people’s faces, and a cart starting bar fights. If you want to have a great time and laugh this is the show you should watch.


Clayton: Family Guy

Family Guy is an animated sitcom that follows the life of clumsy, ignorant Peter Griffin and his ludicrous family who always seem to be getting themselves into trouble. Louis is the wife of the family taking on the role of a stereotypical housewife. Meg, the eldest of the siblings, is an insecure teen who is often bullied by her own family. Chris, the middle child, is an outsider and unintelligent teen. Baby Stewie is the smartest of all the Griffins and is consistently in debacles with his best friend and pet dog, Brian.

Controversial and politically incorrect, the show pokes fun at celebrities and really anything Hollywood. The edgy side of the show is why so many people either love or hate it. Family Guy pushes all the limits, which why it has been canceled two times and is banned in many countries. Every character represents a certain societal stereotype, which makes the show so funny and relatable. If you enjoy good animated content and can take a joke, I highly advise you to watch the show. 


Brooke: High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

High School Musical: The Musical The Series, otherwise known as HSMTMTS, is a series found exclusively on Disney + based on the movie franchise High School Musical. In the style of The Office, the show proposes a series of dramas for the newest generation of theatre students at East High. The show includes conflicts involving love, school and auditions for the fall musical.

The show begins by hiring a new theatre teacher. Miss. Jen immediately begins casting for the play edition of High School Musical. Casting presents many unique aspects to the show. For instance, Miss. Jen casts characters with little experience as the main roles. She even cast a guy as Sharpay! These special aspects make the show both exciting and refreshing to a viewer’s eyes.

Since HSMTMTS is based on a musical, several songs from the original movies are featured throughout the season. Not only are classics like “We’re All In This Together” remastered but new songs also premiered. With all said, this show is perfect for any music-lover ready for some drama.