Super Bowl Commercials to Remember

People watch the Super Bowl for different reasons, the football, the halftime show or even for just the commercials. Here are some of our favorite commercials from the 2021 Super Bowl.

Brooke – TurboTax 

Traveling through fields, homes and even jungles, this inventive commercial presents a desk adventuring the world. As the office desk rolls right on by, a character named Eric, Tax Expert rhymes about how much you can save with TurboTax. Not only does the message get across in a fun and goofy way, it even ends with a catchy song at the end which is sure to get stuck in your head. 


Clayton – Uber Eats 

In UberEats’ ad, dynamic duo Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, with the help of Cardi B, influence people to ‘eat local’ and support local restaurants using the UberEats app. In the commercial, the two say they would never manipulate people like other commercials do but jokingly exaggerate their message by doing video trends and even holding babies with “Eat Local” t-shirts.


Carolann – Dr. Squatch 

Dr. Squatch Soap’s ad began by wandering upon a large man (Mike Lansdale) showering in the woods. James Schrader pops on the screen and starts talking about how bad Mike’s soap was. Schrader then went on to talk about how Dr. Squatch soap is the best soap for active men. The commercial was a funny skit that can get a chuckle even out of the little ones.


Ema – Huggies 

The Huggies commercial starts off with an adorable young baby who is adorable because all babies are. They welcome a handful of new-born babies to the world and show other little kids wearing their diapers. It shows the best parts about being a baby. Being able to sleep wherever, being able to eat whenever and ‘go’ wherever. This commercial is a great little ad for putting a smile on your face.


Grace – M&M’s

Featuring Emmy-award winning actor Dan Levy, M&M’s new Super Bowl commercial apologizes for hurting your feelings. The ad opens with a plane passenger getting soaked by his drink as a man behind him kicks the back of his seat and offers a bag of M&M’s as an apology. It is followed by an exchange between two women, one of whom is being accused of being a ‘Karen,’ before she reveals that her name is actually Karen. “Sorry, your name is Karen,” the woman said while handing her a bag of M&M’s. 


Jake – Paramount Plus 

Paramount released a number of different commercials during this year’s Super Bowl featuring cameos from many of the main characters of shows on their new streaming service, Paramount Plus. The commercials contained a mix of cartoon and live-action characters within a simple storyline. Dora the Explorer and Piccard from Star Trek (Patrick Stewart) even engaged in a quick conversation while climbing the Paramount mountain found in their opening title card.


Jared – Tide Pods

In this short commercial about a hoodie with Jason Alexander’s face on it, a mom and her son are talking about how dirty the hoodie is even though it doesn’t look dirty. A flash of memories of the boy being well, a teenage boy. He goes through countless activities with this hoodie, getting it dirty every time. Nearing the end, they agree on washing the hoodie after realizing how dirty it is.


Justin – General Motors 

In this fun ride along with famous actor Will Ferrel, he goes on a journey to Norway because he hates that Norway has made more electric vehicles per capita than the United States. At the start of the commercial, Will Ferrel punches a globe where Norway is and gets his hand is stuck. He continues wearing the globe throughout the rest of the ad and convinces fellow comedians Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina to join him in this trip. General Motors announced at the end of the ad that they will have 30 new electric vehicles by 2025.


Kate – Jimmy Johns 

Everybody Loves Raymond star Brad Garret plays Tony ‘The King of Cold Cuts’ Bolognavich in the “Sandwich of Sandwiches” campaign. Bolognavich relishes in the wealth he earned from his successful sandwich business until Jimmy Johns begins to take over. Bolognavich declares a sandwich war between himself and the new, and seemingly superior, Jimmy Johns. 


Kelsey – T-Mobile

The T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial takes us back a few years in time. Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine are on a video call discussing her love life after her divorce, and she wants a sophisticated, non-American man. The call glitches due to a bad connection and Adam hears the complete opposite of what she says! Adam ends up setting her up with his go-to favorite cowboy country singer and nacho sharing pal, Blake Shelton. The point of the commercial is to never trust your love life to bad connections, instead trust T-Mobile.


Madi – Cadillac 

Quick and lighthearted, Timothée Chalamet plays a young Edgar Siccorhands with Winona Ryder reprising her role as his mom Kim Boggs. Edgar sticks out like a sore thumb in his all-black outfit and scissor hands against his pastel house and normal neighborhood. The commercial ends with a sweet surprise from Kim surprising Edgar with his new Cadillac. This goofy ad had a cute ending and contrasting color palette that was pleasing to watch.


Riley – 3D Doritos

Doritos advertises their new chip by following Matthew McConaughey, but he’s somehow ended up as thin as a piece of paper. He goes to a coffee shop, takes his dog on a walk and even goes on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Later that night, Flat Matthew is taking a leisurely stroll when he stumbles upon a 3D Doritos machine. Since he has no money on him, he slides into the snack slot and grabs a bag. After eating one 3D Dorito, he becomes normal Matthew McConaughey and ends up stuck in the vending machine.