Lesson Learned

Lessons Seniors Learned in High School


High school is known as a period of realization and education of all sorts. For many seniors, this means reflecting on such an influential period of their lives before it comes to an end. Whether it be a lighthearted realization or a life lesson, these four years offered guidance in all forms. 

Some lessons learned can be as simple as trying to pay attention in class. An example of this is Olivia Heintzen, who offers some insight that underclassmen could find noteworthy.

“I learned that sleeping in through your classes is not worth it,” Heintzen said.

Others, such as Rachel Forsythe, spent their high school years working on their own personal self-identity and growth.

“I learned cool new ways to dress from the friends I made in high school,” Forsythe said.

In addition to personal growth, these last four years have been a learning opportunity for navigating relationships of all kinds. Kamara Gourdine has gained worthy insight from personal experience. 

“One thing I’ve learned is don’t change for someone that won’t be there in the future” Gourdine said. 

Similarly, it’s important to learn how to balance friendships and personal goals. Adam Collester feels it’s smart to put your achievements and success first. 

“Friends come and go, don’t let them distract you from your passion in life,” Collester said.

But above all, high school is a time to learn and build your own character. Devon Castillo gathered the true significance of a strong character. 

“Being kind can go a very long way,” Castillo said.