Shows for Seniors to Binge Watch



Atypical is a Netflix original comedy focusing on the life of 18-year-old autistic boy Sam Gardner, played by Robia Rashid. Gardner navigates through high school obstacles while figuring out what the world has to offer him. The fourth and final season is expected to drop in fall 2021, making it the perfect show to catch up on over the summer!

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Based on the movie franchise High School Musical, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series follows a group of high school theatre kids putting on their own production of High School Musical. This musical drama series covers love, betrayal and true friendship, offering a sweet sense of youth. This series is available for streaming on Disney +. 


This MTV series, inspired by the movie Scream, follows a group of teens after a cyberbullying incident goes viral. This leads to a brutal murder in Lakewood, stirring up a chain of spree murders. This horror series is rated TV-MA, aimed at audiences who want a thrill. 

Cobra Kai

34 years after the All Valley Karate Tournament in 1984, the Cobra Kai dojo is to be reopened by Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). This revives a past feud with the successful Daniel LeRusso (Ralph Maccio). All three seasons of this rousing series are available to be streamed on Netflix. 

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story is a limited series that tells the story of spree-killer Andrew Cunanan and his planned murder of Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace. The show covers Cunanan’s (portrayed by Darren Criss)  personal life surrounding what led up to his killing. Rated TV-MA, this show is perfect for those interested in crime and darker themes. This Emmy-award-winning Fox series can be streamed on Netflix. 

No Good Nick

No Good Nick is a Netflix original series surrounding a well-off family of four, that is until a 13-year-old con artist Nicole (Siena Agudong) shows up at their door declaring to be a distant relative. The family navigates the new addition to their family while Nicole, or Nick, plans her next conning project. 

Outer Banks

This soapy Netflix original series follows teen John B (Chase Stokes) as he engages his three friends to participate in a hunt for a fabled treasure connected to his father’s vanishing. Outer Banks is rated TV-MA, and season two is predicted to come out in July of 2021, making it the perfect summertime-binge series!


This CBS thriller is based on the best-selling novel Zoo by James Patterson. The show follows Dr. Jackson Oz (James Wolk), an American zoologist working on safaris in Africa. He begins to notice the wild animals display anomalous behavior, escalating quickly into coordinated, unprovoked assaults. Dr. Jackson Oz must assemble a team to try and discover the meaning behind the animal’s new behavior and end it before it’s too late. Rated TV-14, all three seasons of Zoo can be streamed on Netflix.