Senior Superlative Winners!


The results are in!

Keep reading to see your senior superlative winners!

Most Spirited 

Paul Wyche

Life of the Party 

Nikolai Cooperider 

Most Likely to Become Famous 

Mara Dirienzo

Most Likely to be President of the United States 

Kate Walsh 

Most Likely to Become a Teacher at Lyman 

Samantha Keely

Most Likely to Write the Next Harry Potter 

Grace Allen

Most Likely to Cure Cancer 

Kate Walsh 

Most Likely to Invent the Next iPhone 

Liam Rosenfeld 

Most Likely to Win an Olympic Medal 

Michael Bondzie

Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize 

Thomas Robertson 

Most Likely to be on a Reality Show 

Kelly Kitaj 

Most Likely to be a Talk Show Host 

Alek Jenkins 

Most Likely to Travel the World 

Ethan Poliner

Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket 

Dylan Johnson

Most Likely to Become a Farmer 

Andrew Farmer 

Most Likely to be an NFL Wife

Kendall Turner 

Most Likely to Trip at Graduation 

Riley Flynn

Most Contagious Laugh 

Dani Bozik 

Best Hair 

Valentina Laverde 

Best Makeup 

Maria Cruz 

Best Smile 

Lily Fanok 

Best Glow Up 

Robbie Haller 

Best Eyes 

Anthony Devoney 

The Next Bachelor 

Robbie Haller 

The Next Bachelorette 

Georgia Baker 

Best Dressed 

Annalee Swagerman 

Born in the Wrong Decade 

Conor Fish 

Biggest Head 

Michael Cangialosi

Best Car

Ava Ager

Best Shoe Game 

Michael Bondzie 

Best Snapchat Stories 

Annalee Swagerman 

Best Rapper 

Cashmere Cash (Nikolai Cooperider) 

Best Singer 

Zachary Bernstein 

Worst Singer 

Jamie Jang 

Best Gamer 

Grayson Lay

Most Environmentally Conscious 

Madison Koesler 

Most Intellectual 

Dhruv Shah

Best Comebacks 

Travis Johnson 

Best Photographer 

Ryan Carpenter 

Most Likely to Hit a Parked Car 

Erika Frutchey 

Most Gullible 

Larry Arancibia 

Class Clown 

Grayson Lay

Worst Case of Senioritis 

Sean Phlegar 

Most Likely to be Found Studying at Starbucks 

Ava Carter 

Cutest Couple 

Michael Bernheim and Kate Walsh 

Least Expected Couple 

Mara Dirienzo and Nikolai Cooperider

Best Bromance 

Paul Wyche and Ethan Poliner 

Best Couple that Never Was 

Maria Cruz and Freddie Ngyuen

Attached at the Hip 

Lily Fanok and Lynnea Parish

Most Likely to be Heard Across Campus

Alanys Viera

Most Artistic 

Albertina Prifti 

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day 

Jacob Teixeira

Teacher’s Pet 

Ava Ager 

The Best TikToks 

Dani Bozik 

Best Shoulder to Cry On

Sebastian Gutierrez

Most Likely to Show Up Late to Class with Starbucks 

Ava Carter 

Most Likely to Walk Into a Pole and Apologize 

Audrey Dunbar