Seniors’ Next Steps


Going to college is a big deal for everyone. It is the next step for people getting degrees and a new life. Students from all over the country and the world go to college every year. Many students tend to go with a college that is normally in state because it is cheaper than going out of state. Our seniors have chosen some great choices for their next step in life. 

I plan on attending Georgia Tech to major in Biomedical Engineering,”  Kate Walsh said. “This was not my first choice, but I am thankful for the way it worked out. My ‘dream school’ was MIT. With the amount of increased applicants this year, it made acceptances even more difficult at 3-4% accepted. After college, I plan on pursuing my Master’s in Prosthetics and Orthotics. I will probably be in college for 4-6 years.”

“After high school, I plan on going to college and having fun with my friends,” Nikolai Cooperider said. “I’m attending UCF. I guess it was my first choice, but lowkey I wanted to go to Florida because I’m a gators fan. My dream college is Ball So Hard University. I haven’t decided what my major is going to be. I have no clue about the degree. I plan to go to college however long I end up there bahahhaaaa.”

“I plan on going to the University of Alabama after high school,” Georgia Walton said. “It was my ‘dreaming big’ school that I didn’t think would happen, but I’m glad it did. I’m going to be majoring in Kinesiology in hopes of going into sports medicine. It’s likely I’ll do 6-8 years of school in order to get my doctorate.”

“I plan on attending college to eventually become a software engineer,” Liam Rosenfeld said, “I’m going to UF. I didn’t really have a first choice. I decided between UF and Georgia Tech because it came out on top after a cost or benefit analysis. I’m going to get a master’s after my bachelor’s, and I’ll decide if a doctorate makes sense after that then.”

“After high school, I plan on going to college,” Nicholas Rios said. “I am going to Florida Gulf Coast University. I plan on majoring in Secondary Social Science Education. Maybe go for a Master’s.”