New Beginnings for Mrs. Edun

Getting to know the newest member of the engineering team


Mrs. Karena Edun is spending her first year as an educator teaching aerospace engineering, alongside engineering for design and development. 

Graduate of the University of Central Florida, Mrs. Edun majored in material science and engineering. After college, she became a patent officer which she ultimately decided that career wasn’t a great fit for her.

“I worked as a patent examiner in the patent office where I would examine applications on med allergy, which is hundreds of years old,” Edun said. “So it was really awful for my mental health because I had to say no to every single application.”

After deciding that it was time for a change, Mrs. Edun decided to find another career better suiting her needs. This is when she unveiled that teaching would become her niche.

“It’s impressive to see how my students actually try to live up to my expectations,” Edun said. “It’s kind of cool that they want to make me happy.” 

 Mrs. Edun is enjoying her time as a teacher, and learning a lot in the process. She found out the reality of teaching is that she has to remain adaptable every time she steps into the classroom. 

“I’ve learned that sometimes it is okay to wing it,” Edun said. “The kids just go with the flow. It’s a really fluid environment so it really works.” 

When she isn’t working, Mrs. Edun is an avid gamer. She loves dozens of video games and finds them to be a great way to pass time.

“I’m a Minecraft nerd too and I also like to go out and catch Pokemon on Pokemon Go,” Edun said. “My favorite game though, and I know it’s lame, would have to be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

Although she hasn’t been in this field of work for very long, Mrs. Edun has learned some valuable lessons. 

“In my very short, five weeks of experience, I’ve learned that the teacher is seen as the expert, but oftentimes it’s overlooked that they’re human too,” Edun said. “They don’t know everything.” 

cover photo by Brooke Tiedemann