What To Gift This Winter

Top gifts for this holiday season.


Sports Equipment: 

Skateboard: Alien Workshop and Santa Cruz. These are a couple of the most popular skateboards right now. The Alien Workshop boards are made with 100% maple and are made for every level of skating, from beginning to pro. Santa Cruz 7-ply maple decks, as the world’s oldest continuous skating company, has good durability and strength without an excessive amount of weight. These are both popular brands due to their cool designs and good performance. 

Baseball bat: Demarini Goods 2022 and Louville Slugger Meta 2022. Although both of these bats are pretty expensive, they are arguably the top 2 bats of this year. The Goods is for the stronger athlete that can handle a heavier bat, while the Meta is on the opposite spectrum, being one of the lighter bats. Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of these if you are willing to spend a pretty penny. 

Nike Vapor cleats: Nike Vapor cleats are available in football, baseball and soccer. One of the most popular cleats for a reason, they have high durability, reliable performance, and relative competitive prices. 



Airpods 3- The new airpods are newly designed to be lighter and a better fit for the ear, which also allows for better sound quality. 


iPhone 13– The main plus for the iPhone 13 is the camera, with the triple-lens design, it allows for higher-end photography skills. The smartphone also includes a stainless steel frame and higher display qualities. 


Alienware Aurora R11- Probably one of the coolest looking gaming PCs in the world. The Aurora R11 also has great performance along with an easier way to upgrade. The only downside to the product is it’s expensiveness. 



Acoustic guitar: CC-60S Concert Fender Guitar- Deal for any beginner guitar players, the CC-60S Concert Fender Guitar is made with a solid spruce top and mahogany sides which creates a beautiful tone quality for both finger-picking, and strumming. 

Ukulele: Uke High Tide Exotic Mahogany ConcertThis instrument is exactly what any musician needs to start off their ukulele journey. It is made of mahogany wood and has gorgeous iridescent detailing on both the fretboard and the sound hole. 

Karaoke machine: Singing Machine® Bluetooth Karaoke System- Everyone loves music and there’s no better gift to give than the gift of music. This elaborate machine includes 2 microphone ports, an easy lyric reading screen, Bluetooth compatibility, multi-colored lights, and even the ability to record your voice. 



Morphe x lisa frank pallet: This pallet is the perfect gift for anybody who wants to let their artsy side out. With 35 fun and pigmented colors, this palette is true to its Lisa Frank roots. There are three cover options including , aliens (Zoomer & Zorbit) , a unicorn (Prancing Unis), and a tiger (Forrest)

Blossom roll on lip gloss: Practical and pretty, this lip gloss is sure to smooth out your day. Infused with real dried up flowers of all different sorts, this shiny lip balm introduces a unique gift giving experience. 

Cloud Eau de Parfum: This fragrance is a clever gift to give to any Ariana Grande fan. Scented as lavender blossoms and juicy pears, you can’t go wrong!