Getting a Lift Up


Marking its 19th year, the annual Construction Career Days took place just a few weeks ago at the Central Florida Fair Grounds.  The many booths hosted by different companies, primarily from the Transportation Construction Industry, helped give students an idea of the different jobs and experiences within the Construction industry. Either being an informative lecture, an interactive lab, or a mix of both, each host allowed students to ask questions related to their trade. Each company also gave their information in case a student wants to learn more about job positions in the future.


“It was pretty educational and since I am considering the engineering field it was a lot of help in deciding what I want to do,” said sophomore, Nuriel Fey.


Many would agree the highlight of the trip is the opportunity to operate the different equipment available. Under the guidance and instruction of personnel, participants were able to operate excavators, backhoes, loaders, and lifts.


“We got to operate a lot of different heavy machinery and there were a lot of career options to learn from,” said senior, Ethan Aleksic.


Free lunch is also provided, so concern of having to bring money or packed lunch from home wasn’t an issue. Some of the students might’ve enjoyed the free food a little too much though.


“I got to get four hot dogs,” said senior, Zach West.