Getting to Know Casesa

Learn all about one of Lyman’s history teachers.


Philip Casesa has been a U.S. History teacher for 24 years which is likely due to the everlasting effect that he leaves on his students as they pass through his class year in and year out. Mr. Casesa believes his student’s opinions are so high because he is “enthusiastic” about teaching U.S. History and about teaching in general. 

He also believes that his students “sense that and they see he is enthusiastic about it. And once they see that, that’s really half the battle.” He loves what he does, and he thinks his students sense that so it makes them come along.

“I try to instill a positive mental attitude in all my kids so that they’re in control of their thoughts and we get rid of the negative thoughts that are in place of the positive thoughts and I think that helps them as they move on in life.” Casesa said. “Also, knowing U.S. History is a big deal so I’m really passionate about making sure the kids understand our history so that they don’t make the same mistakes going into the future.” 

Casesa is very open about his life experiences so he also tries to pass along his personal experience of perseverance to his kids. His teaching career has had many bumps in the road leading up to his tenure at Lyman, as he has been fired because of personality conflicts, something he feels makes him a stronger teacher. 

“Knowledge is power,” Casesa said. “I’m into making sure that my students have knowledge so that they are in power to be successful people when they become adults. Knowledge is power, that’s the big thing and I try to instill that in all my students.”

“The reason that many students take what he says to heart is that he actually takes the time to get to know his students and builds a personal relationship with them.” junior Tatum Sutton said. “There is not a moment in his classroom where you cannot have meaningful conversation with him and that is what really sets him apart from other teachers.”