Preview of Sports Coming this Fall


After an eventful year of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s NCAA sports are coming to a conclusion. Through very difficult times and hours of dedication, the NCAA and student-athletes made it happen.

Moving into next fall, there are still some question marks as to how things will transition over. After the altered schedules this past fall, fans can look forward to field hockey, men’s soccer, women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, cross country, and of course football. 

Due to the Virus, certain sports in the 2020 season were flip-flopped or flat-out canceled. For example, women’s volleyball normally is a fall sport but because of the pandemic, it was postponed from fall to winter through spring, which is very different from usual.

Many fans, coaches and players are hoping for a packed stadium this fall or even just fans in general. With the topic of vaccines up for debate, Florida Athletic Director Scott Stricklin was asked whether the requirement of vaccines would be mandatory for fans to enter sporting events.

“I don’t anticipate requiring vaccines for athletic attendance,” Stricklin said. “However, we certainly are encouraging as many people as possible to get vaccinated.” 

Other universities such as Texas and Alabama also plan on having full capacity stadiums this upcoming fall season. 

Upcoming college newbies have a lot to look forward to at the start of their new school life. The first football game of the season starts on the 28th of August and from there every Saturday till January 10th.

If you get bored from watching football, there are seven fall championships, Waterpolo for example, that you can watch depending on the school you attend. 

The hope for the upcoming fall season is that the set sports for fall should all be playing during the season, but there is still uncertainty on whether that will be the case or not. Either way, upcoming freshmen will still be able to have a fun time no matter which sporting event they go to.