Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4: A grand web-swinging time?

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Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4: A grand web-swinging time?

Chris Hagin, staff writer

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With excellent critic reviews, the open-world Spider-Man game since the video game adaptation of the Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, launched on 9/7/18 as of this year’s highest selling game. Despite this, some people believe that won’t be for very long.

“Just wait until Smash Ultimate comes out,” said senior Kevin Tellado.

Rather than following the Tom Holland iteration of the masked wall-crawler, this Spider-Man is based on him and takes place after his college years. Since its highly anticipated release announced in 2017, the game didn’t let down the many who purchased the game, except players on different platforms such as the Xbox One, as the game is a Play Station exclusive.

With three difficulties, players can choose to go a “friendly” route and enjoy what the story has to offer or the most fast-paced difficulty for those who want more of a challenge; the “spectacular” mode can require more careful planning and timing. The combat system is comparable to the Batman Arkham series with its stealth mechanics, but still using previous game mechanics, so fans of the previous games can kind of just jump right into the game. Though very similar to all previous Spider-Man games, Insomniac vastly refined and added onto previous web-swinging , making traversing New York more dynamic and quite fast; especially when upgraded in the skill tree. If you don’t want to swing from Harlem to the Financial District or any point on the map for that matter, fast-traveling can be unlocked through story progression. On a side-note, a new feature added is photo mode, allowing players to screenshot and edit any moment in their play through.

Just like the games that aren’t of the Sam Raimi trilogy; different costumes based on the and comic counterparts as well as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man costumes can be unlocked. Almost all of them with a unique suit power that can be mixed and matched with other unlocked suits. A plethora of Easter eggs, references and the famous Stan Lee cameo are included. One worth noting for the fans of “Spider-Man 2 The Game”; “Funiculi Funicula”, more commonly known as the Pizza Delivery theme plays at the pizzerias (best heard in the Financial District’s pizzeria).

“The graphics look very good, even with my old TV. I was not originally going to buy this game, but after seeing all of the superb reviews, I decided to purchase it. I do not regret spending a single cent on the game.” said sophomore Riley O’Connell.

The Greyhound Growl gives Marvel’s Spider–Man 4 out of 4 paws.