Gates to Astroworld Locked

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On February 11th, Travis Scott fans in Tulsa were supposed to take their long awaited trip to Astroworld, but once they arrived, they weren’t let in.


“Due to technical production issues, tonight’s sold out Travis Scott show in Tulsa will be moved to March 26th.” Fans did not receive this last second message from the BOK Center very well.


“I mean it makes sense that Travis would cancel if he couldn’t’ give his fans a proper show. But if I had gone and that had happened, I would have rioted with the crowd,” another junior, Kolton Wilson said.


The frustrated crowd rioted outside the doors of the arena. There was even damage done to a glass door and Tulsa Police had to use pepper balls to disperse the crowd. After the crowd started throwing guard rails at the doors, they were eventually able to get one open and that’s when the police started using paint balls filled with mace.


“I mean if I was there and they had postponed last minute I would’ve lost it. Personally, I think it’s pretty weak that Travis would do something like that to his fans,” junior, Jacob Janego, weighed in on the conflict.


“Just a little bit by throwing stuff at the building and attempting to get into the building so we had to use pepper balls in order to assist the disbursement of the crowd,” said TPD Sgt. Jeremy Noland. After the scene calmed down, fans exited the area and no injuries were reported


Later on, Travis tweeted out “Tulsa so sorry I can’t perform at tonight’s sold out show. We had last minute production issues and I can’t give y’all an incomplete show. Rescheduled to March 26 all tix still valid. Everyone get home safe.” Although many fans left angry and unfulfilled, they will at least get the full experience in March.