Best Animes for Newcomers

People who are just starting to watch Anime need recommendations.


Interested in exploring the genre of anime? Starting is quite difficult if you’ve never watched before or don’t know much about it. First, here are some of the basics.

Anime is a form of Japanese cartoon. There are typically subbed and dubbed versions of each show. Subbed being the Japanese version of the show available to watch with subtitles, and dubbed being the English audio version. 

A short and sweet anime to dip your toes into the genre is Bofuri. This anime has one season with 12 episodes. The season is about Maple and her friend playing a VR game. Maple ops to being a shield and helps her friend fight in the game. As you watch, you will be introduced to the anime art style and many common mannerisms. 

Once you make it through a shorter anime, you can work your way into investing in the longer ones like My Hero AcademiaMy Hero is about a universe that has quirks, superpowers essentially, and how students learn to manage these. The show focuses on Class A-1 attempting to gain their hero licenses while facing several problems along the way.

Another longer option, more on the gory side of anime, is Tokyo Ghoul. This anime explores the world of human-eating ghouls on Earth. While we highly recommend starting with action or peaceful animes, this genre is enjoyed by some with stronger stomachs. 

Lastly, once you commit to the genre, you might want to try one of the infamous but every long animes. These include famous names such as One-Piece with 931 episodes and Naruto with 720, counting its spin-offs.