BTS Puts Out A Dynamic English Single

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BTS released their first and only all English single “Dynamite.” Being a K-pop group, releasing an English song is unexpected and out of the ordinary. Many of the members are not fluent in English. They took on this project during the pandemic lockdown. 

“People around the world have been going through a difficult time because of the pandemic.” BTS rapper J-Hope said. “We also felt discouraged by the situation so, we took on a new challenge which was Dynamite. This project was not only for us but also for our fans whom we want to energize and give you to during this difficult time.”

Before this song, the band had planned to disband. This song brought them all back together and has cancelled the idea of disbanding just yet.

“At first I was sad to hear that they would disband,” junior Hannah Nelson said. “but then I realized that they probably want to do something else with their lives, but in the end, they decided to stay together, so I’m happy. But I also would support them if they had disbanded.”

“Dynamite” sold over 265,000 copies within the first month after release. The song currently has 480 million streams on YouTube, beating out WAP by 200 million.