folklore: the long pond studio sessions review

Analysis & Review of folklore: the long pond studio sessions


Taylor Swift and two of the musicians who had a big part in the making of her most recent album folklore meet at a studio in upstate New York to perform their album together for the first time in folklore: the long pond studio sessions. Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner had worked apart during the COVID-19 quarantine to record and piece together the surprise album released on July 24th, 2020. In the new Disney+ feature movie, they came together and discuss the process and the meaning behind each of the tracks on the album and play each song together for the first time.

With 100% rotten tomatoes, this new documentary takes a unique look inside the artistic process behind folklore and left Taylor Swift fans in bliss. It’s intriguing to hear the origins and meaning of each track by breaking down every cryptic, heart-wrenching lyric.

Swift hints this is her first album that is not completely autobiographical, though many personal and life-inspired lyrics contradict that statement. Watching the artist sing with just guitar and piano accompaniment enhances her vocal talent and allows a different light to be shown on her than her more recent previous work.

Each song is discussed and then performed. The docu-film is much more intimate by being limited to the three people, their conversations and their music in such an isolated area.

Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner are for Swift to converse ideas with and use as a hypothetical soundboard. They look like they are having fun and the atmosphere is very laid back. The album feels cathartic, which is what people needed amongst the craziness of this year. Viewers can enjoy the relaxed mood too.