The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance

The Weeknd's Super Bowl Halftime Performance

The 2021 Super Bowl was a large event for every family. Whether you watched the Buccs whoop the Chiefs or ranked the funniest commercials, the Super Bowl had a little something for everyone.

One thing most fans find entertaining is the halftime show. Since 1972, it’s been a tradition for a celebrity to perform at the Super Bowl. This also started a different tradition of having a guest star perform alongside the main celebrity. Much of this has changed in recent years, with most viewers saying that the halftime shows have slowly started to become worst over the years. Last year, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s halftime show was criticized for being heavily sexualized and inappropriate for younger viewers at home. Just when everyone thought that the halftime shows couldn’t get any worse, the Weeknd took the stage and gave one of the most decisive performances in Super Bowl history.

Not only were there no co-stars this time, but the vocals that the Weeknd performed were very weak. Something most viewers can agree on is that the audio being picked up on the vocals was very quiet. This made it difficult to hear the Weeknd’s voice many times throughout the performance because the background instrumental completely swallowed his vocals.

One other critique that the performance received was the choreography. While there were plenty of extras that added cool visuals for the overall performance, there were many times where the Weeknd was run over or bumped into. Those who saw the performance are still confused as to whether or not this was intentional. If it was, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t distracting.

One thing praised from the performance was the bandaged faces of the extras. This was in reference to the Weeknd’s hit song, I Can’t Feel my Face which he sang during the performance.

“While I thought it was a good representation for black artists, I feel that the production could have been better,” senior Kellen Miller said.

Immediately after the performance, memes of the Weeknd started spreading like wildfire. While it wasn’t the best performance, it is always fun to see what happens once the media gets their hands on bizarre content.