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Top 10 Most Beautiful Colleges in Florida


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  1. Flagler College

Have you ever dreamt of living like royalty? If the answer is yes, then you will love Flagler college. Previously called Hotel Ponce de Leon, this castle-like building wasn’t always a school. Originally, it was a luxury resort, which explains the beautiful and unique architecture that Flagler has to offer. With palm trees galore, a stunning fountain and Spanish Renaissance-style buildings, this university rightfully earns a spot on this list.


2. Rollins College

Similar to Flagler, Rollins College is full of gorgeous Spanish Renaissance architecture. With an outdoor campus, students get to experience the gorgeous weather the Sunshine State has to offer. Not only do the pupils take in some extra Vitamin D while walking to class, but they also get to see many different kinds of plants native to Florida. From palm trees to flowers, Rollins has it all. 

3. University of Miami

Taking a more modern approach to college, The University of Miami has a very distinctive campus. Some special factors this school has to offer are its many windows, rows of palm trees and Lake Osceola right around the corner. This contemporary building really goes to show just how remarkable modernistic buildings can be. 

4. Valencia College

Though this college may not seem very extravagant at first glance, there is more to love than what meets the eye. Similar to The University of Miami, Valencia College has wonderful, eye-pleasing modern-styled buildings with many windows and palm trees. Taking this college to the next level is just how gorgeous it looks at nighttime.

5. Florida Gulf Coast University 

As the name suggests, Florida Gulf Coast University is built right on the beach. This college provides its students with the perfect Floridian experience. Not only do you get to view the beach from your dorm, but FGCU also has many fun activities on the water like tubing, boating and surfing. With classes right on the bay, you are sure to see all sorts of amazing marine life from the comfort of your school, what could be more gorgeous than that?

6. Lynn University 

Lynn University takes contemporary to the next level. Just like other colleges on this list, Lynn University has many windows and palm trees. But, what separates it from the herd is its convenient, yet grand, outdoor dining situation. With outdoor dining, students get to embrace the outdoors from new heights.

7. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida is a truly unique building with stadium-like features. From the outside, UCF is more minimalistic but still has the power to “wow” anybody. During the night, this building light-ups, really showing how gorgeous contemporary architecture is.

8. University of North Florida

With a 1,381 acre campus, this modern college is also home to a wildlife sanctuary. Though you may not expect it from the outside. Ithe already stunning campus is also surrounded by Surprise Lake, finished off with a fountain.

9. University of Tampa

Like Flagler College, the University of Tampa is a perfect college for anybody who wants to go to school like royalty. The architecture of the university is almost castle-like, topped off with a Plant Hall and 110 acres to explore. With the majority of the campus being outside, students are sure to enjoy the beautiful weather that Tampa has to offer. 

10. Florida Southern College

Florida Southern College is truly one of a kind. The front of the campus features gorgeous and modern architecture unlike any other on the list. Not only is this college unique when it comes to how it’s built, but it’s also home to a massive fountain that really adds to the college experience.