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Brooke Tiedemann

Brooke Tiedemann, design-editor


     Brooke Hailey Tiedemann is a sophomore, design editor of the newspaper staff, second year on newspaper staff, and loves to write. After high school, she hopes to become a fashion journalist, fashion designer, or personal stylist. “I have a passion for fashion,” Tiedemann said. She is also passionate about writing. She loves writing because it is something she thinks she is pretty good at and, it is satisfying to write about topics that she is interested in such as TV shows, artists, fashion, and more.

    So far this year her mental health has been thriving. Her best friend, Kate Schieffelin, is also on the newspaper staff. They spent most of the pandemic together at Kate’s house while she was doing online school.

    Her favorite movie is the Lion King Two: Simba’s Pride because it’s the best lion king there is and it’s filled with new characters and a new generation. Her favorite TV show of all time would have to be Glee because of the amazing cast, the drama, and phenomenal singing. She is also a big fan of pets, in total ten pets, not including all of her fish. Three dogs, Bear, Lucky, and Ace. Five cats, Mitten, M&M, Pippie, Squeaky, and Monty. Two guinea pigs, Paisley and Clarabelle, and three fish tanks with lots of fish. “Family is for life, man,” Tiedemann said. The pets in the house that are hers are Ace, Paisley, Clarabelle, and Pippie, and the rest are the family pets. 

    So far her year is going much better than she was expecting considering this is her first year in person at school and she enjoys it much better than when she was online. She is happy with all of her classes and has met a lot of cool people so far. “The pandemic” Tiedemann said. Overall Brooke is a very interesting person and an amazing friend with a lot of unique qualities and passions that make her who she is. 

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Brooke Tiedemann