Artificial Intelligence, Helpful or Dangerous?


Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in machines, that are programmed to think like humans and mimic human actions, without making their own decisions. 


Artificial Intelligence’s ability to mimic human behavior started a debate on whether or not it is safe. This led to the creation of “the Turing Test” which determines whether or not a computer, android, or program can mimic a human’s decision making, if a computer, android, or program passes this test it is destroyed. Thus far, no computer or program has ever passed this test. There is also the concern that it violates the privacy of its user, the fear of these dangers has led to many conspiracies about the ever-evolving technology of Artificial Intelligence turning against its human creators.


Now that the possible dangers of this technology have been spoken about, speak on some of the recent advancements and benefits of AI.


There are many advantages of AI, it can do jobs that would pose a risk to humans, reduce human error, and provide digital assistance 24/7. Some students believe it is beneficial while others believe it is dangerous.


Qween Cross, who has a background in AI through a fashion essentials class by learning how to operate an online photo editor.  


“I think they’re helpful, since they help us do the things that regular people can’t and they help us achieve more things,” Cross said. “We physically can’t, like robots and stuff they help achieve  more stuff and create more stuff that a person or human could not  physically do, it would not be possible without the robot .”


Trevor Brooks, who is knowledgeable about Artificial Intelligence because of his mother’s employment by Amazon.


“I think it’s a very cool thing, but at the same time it can be kind of scary eventually, like terminator,” Brooks said.


But then you have students that believe that it is dangerous and scary. 


An example would be Trinity Vizier, who has a background in AI through her own independent research. 


“I think that we might be getting a little too advanced with it, cause a lot of, we seen a lot of Sci-fi things with it, so I think that Artificial Intelligence is a dangerous thing to play with,” Vizier said. 


To recap this article, the main downsides and dangers of AI are a violation of privacy, and the possibility of it one day turning against humans. AI is a rapidly evolving technology and the opinion of AI around school is extremely varied because you have students that don’t think we could live without it, you have students that think it is useful and scary at the same time, and you have students that are terrified of it and believe it is dangerous. In the end, you will have to draw your own conclusions, so do you think it is dangerous or do you see it as more useful?