Election Day Survey

Who do you want to be Florida’s Governor and Senator?


The 2022 Midterm elections are upon us with key races around the nation that will determine which party will control power in Senate and House of Representatives. Every member of the House of Representatives, about a third of the Senate, and thirty-six state governorships will be on a ballot this year.  In Florida, the positions that are up for election include Governor and Senator. Although there are more candidates running, it will likely come down to the Republican incumbent and the Democratic challenger for both key races.



Ron DeSantis, Republican:

  •  As a member of the Republican Party, Ron DeSantis is running for re-election for Florida’s Governor. His values are within the core of the Republican Party as an avid former Trump supporter. DeSantis was a legal advisor to a U.S Navy SEAL commander and served in the Judge Advocate Generals’ Corps. He also served as a Representative for Florida’s 6th Congressional District for six years. He believes his accomplishments as Governor include keeping businesses open during the pandemic, passing a tax relief package and keeping “woke” ideology out of the classroom.

Charlie Crist, Democrat

  • With one of the longest resumes in Florida political history, Crist is running for his second term as Governor. His first term he served from 2007-2011 as a member of the Republican Party, but switched to an Independent in 2010. Since 2012, he has represented the Democratic Party. Crist was formerly elected as a representative for Florida’s 13th Congressional District and served from 2017-2022. Crist is running on a campaign to protect reproductive freedoms, make it easier for Floridians to vote, and focus on having clean water for a healthy environment and healthy economy. 



Val Demings, Democrat

  • Demings has been a Representative of Florida’s 10th Congressional District as a Democrat since 2017, with her term ending this January. During her time in office, she was a member of the Committee on Oversight and Government as well as the Committee of Homeland Security. Before her time in Congress, she served as Orlando’s first female Police Chief from 2007–2011. The issues she hopes to focus on in the Senate include improving jobs and the economy, providing healthcare to all Americans, and common sense gun reform. 

Marco Rubio, Republican:

  • As a member of Florida’s House of Representatives from 2000-2008 and a Senator since 2011, Rubio is running for reelection this November as a part of the Republican party. He has been a member of numerous committees during his time as a Senator, including Foreign Relations Committee and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. He believe his contributions as Senator to the state of Florida include the Paycheck Protection Program, the Child Tax Credit and helping all Floridians in need after Hurricane Ian.

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