COVID Takes Concerts!

COVID Takes Concerts!

Concerts tickets are usually long awaited and purchased months in advance. Due to COVID-19, as these concerts inch closer many artists have been forced to postpone or even cancel these shows.

Pop artist Harry Styles announced his world tour Love on Tour in November 2019 beginning during April 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has let down many fans and postponed the tour to March 2021 instead to ensure the safety of the crew, fans, and everyone else involved.

“I got tickets to Harry Styles’ concert for Christmas and was super excited to see him in August with a few of my friends,” freshman Riley Morris said. “When his tour got postponed, I was super sad since I now have to wait over a year to go to his concert.”

Along with Styles, Indie-Pop band Surfaces announced their 2020 tour Surfaces Summer Color Tour before the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike Harry Styles, they were forced to take a more drastic approach. The tour was cancelled.

“I was pretty upset when it got postponed because I wanted to go with my friends to see them perform, but putting it in perspective I’m happy it was cancelled because it wouldn’t have been safe,” sophomore Kerrigan Paige said. “Also there are so many bigger problems in the world, so a concert definitely was not top on the priority list.” 

Lastly, country artist Luke Combs was in the midst of his What You See Is What You Get tour in the spring of 2020. But to no surprise, Comb’s has to stop his tour and decided to reschedule the dates that were left for 2021.

“When his tour got postponed I was really bummed out because I was really looking forward to it,” junior Faith Booth said. “Luke Combs is an amazing artist and his music is what I listen to on the daily.”