All Smiles for New Emojis!

Apple’s next update is set to include lots of new emojis.


Apple users will soon have many new emojis to use in the upcoming ios 14.2 Beta update. A wide range of emojis are coming with new foods, faces and more!

Over 50 new inclusive emojis such as the transgender pride flag and gender-inclusive clothing will be coming soon. Tuxedos and veils will no longer be limited to one specific gender and more skin tone options will become available. 

“[Adding gender neutral emojis] will be helpful for people that actually are gender neutral if they want to use an emoji for that, or representing someone else that’s like that,” freshman Carson Snyder said.

Aside from this, there will be numerous light-hearted emojis too such as foods and drinks. From olives, to blueberries to teapots, there are multiple options for users. 

“The teapot emoji is best because I happen to like making tea,” junior Mia Rosu said. “It can also be used with a double meaning.” 

Apart from objects, more traditional facial expression emojis will also be added. There’s a new disgusted face, featuring someone wearing glasses and fake facial hair, and a smiley face with a single tear coming out. 

“It’s nice to see emojis that cover a spectrum of emotions,” senior Annika Galarce said. “I think they’re adding [the smiling/crying face] because like me, so many people also use :’)”

Though new emoji releases can seem small and useless, they are something enjoyable to look forward to especially during these uncertain times.

“I actually like when Apple releases new emojis because I’m a person who uses them religiously,” sophomore Taylor Windish said. “I just find them fun to use because they allow me to be more expressive.”