Let’s Go Greyhounds!

Seniors committed to play college sports


Even in this difficult year, our greyhounds still came out on top in their academics and sports! Meet a handful of our greyhounds continuing their sports careers into the college level.

Alanys Viera – Volleyball

Alanys plans to continue her volleyball career at the University of Miami while majoring in broadcast journalism and marketing. She is a setter on Lyman’s volleyball team and is motivated by the fact “someone could be working harder.” This pushes her to want to work even harder. Her favorite part about playing volleyball is the adrenaline.



Valeria Rosado – Volleyball 

Valeria plans to continue her volleyball career at Stephen F. Austin State University as an outside hitter. She led her team with a high school career total of 1067 kills and a 0.348 hitting percentage.





Jada Baker – Softball

Jada plans to continue her softball career at Duke University as a middle infielder. She plans to major in psychology but is still unsure. Her favorite part about playing softball is “always having a family that has your back and the competitive spirit it brings.” She is driven by her mother who “pushes and motivates her to work hard.”



Lauren Enders – Rowing

Lauren plans to continue her rowing career at Embry-Riddle while majoring in air traffic management. Her position is a coxswain which consists of “steering the boat and yelling at people.” She is motivated by racing other crews because “you never want to lose to someone by just an extra inch” and her favorite part about rowing is being part of a team and watching them grow.



Nicholas Zarillo – Golf

Nicholas plans to continue his golf career at Southeastern University. He plans to major in business but is still unsure. He loves the feeling of improvement each time he steps out on the course which motivates him to keep grinding.