Head to Toes

New school year means new rules at Lyman! Read all about what these new policies are and how they affect students.


Senior Ande Christenson (left) and junior Ryan Casey (right) show off their ability to wear hats with the new additions to the dress code policy.

As we jump into this school year, some new rules were enforced for students to follow. From updates to the dress code to the new cell phone policy, the school has been making changes to have a safe learning environment. 


What are these new rules?  


Dress Code Policy:


On July 26th, 2022; Seminole County Public Schools updated the dress code policy for schools across the county. Some changes include the ability to wear hats, and tank-tops. However, due to these changes, the school is enforcing that students follow the dress code. If a teacher or administration sees a student out of dress code, the student gets a warning in the HERO system. This warning means that the student’s name will be in the system for the day, and teachers and administration can see this student’s name. If the student gets a warning by the same or a separate teacher/admin on the same day, then the student gets a referral.                                                                                                                      


“I think the idea of getting a referral for a dress code violation sounds super excessive,” senior Ande Christenson said. “I’ve never had my education disturbed by someone else’s outfit, for the most part, the dress code almost feels unnecessary to me.” 


Attendance Policy: 


The attendance policy at school has always been the same, when you miss school be sure that you turn in a doctor or parent note, and make sure your missing assignments get complete. However, some new consequences were introduced this year. Students with more than five unexcused absences from any period will get their senior lunch, homecoming, grad bash, and prom privileges taken away. 


Ali Sarvis is our junior class treasurer as well as president of the Interact club. Although some students have been vocally opposed to the new rules enforced, Sarvis sees some of the benefits. 


“I think the attendance policy can bring good change and make sure students get to school, as most people here probably want to go to homecoming and prom,” Sarvis said. “However, I feel like the rule may be a little excessive, especially considering students miss school for different reasons.”  


Cell Phone Policy: 


Previously, in some classes if you pulled out your cell phone your teacher may have asked you to put it away, or they may have just ignored it. However this year, there is a new policy regarding cell phones. Each teacher may give students two warnings. On the second warning will result in the teacher contacting the parent. However on the third cell phone violation, disciplinary action will be taken and a referral will be written, as well as contact to the parent by the discipline office. This is to ensure that students are learning in class, and not getting distracted. 


“As a district, all the principals came together and started formulating ideas on how to help minimize the negative impact of cell phones going on in the classroom,” Principal Mr. Hunter said. “We set an expectation that you put it away, unless stated otherwise.”