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Krissy Taylor

Krissy Taylor, staff-writer

    Krissy Taylor is a junior who is seventeen years of age. This is her first year on staff with the Greyhound Growl. She is on our staff because she is excited to make new friends on our team as well as be more involved in the school. She loves writing creatively, and even took a creative writing class, which she enjoyed. She describes it as a way to express her emotions. 

    She has a passion for baking items such as muffins, cookies, etc. Her favorite item to bake are vegan peanut butter cookies. She loves making these, especially for her mother who is vegan. Krissy takes her cooking skills to another level in the culinary program, and would highly recommend it to anyone. She says how it’s “like a treat, and you make some awesome friends there.” Her favorite dish she’s made in culinary here is calzones. 

    She also enjoys reading. Her favorite book that she’s read is A List of Cages because she was very engaged by the book, and thoroughly enjoyed the plot. She is interested in writing stories in the Entertainment category for our staff, especially music. She enjoys all kinds of music, such as Lorde, Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, and many more artists. “I think my favorite album that came out this year would either be Sour or Fearless [Taylor’s Version],” Taylor said. 

    Taylor also enjoys anything fashion related. She loves all fashion trends, and has a versatile wardrobe. Mostly, she enjoys every style trend there is, and participates in some trends herself. She describes her style as “sometimes vintage, sometimes girly, and sometimes it’s just a flannel and jeans and a crop top.” Krissy loves maxi-skirts, specifically ones with flowers, anything flowy or baggy, and pastel colors. Taylor also enjoys astrology and collecting crystals as well. She is very happy she joined us here on Greyhound Growl already because she feels a connection with everyone here, and it’s only been two weeks. Also, she helps with doing makeup for our theatre department. 


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Krissy Taylor