Lyman’s 2022 Rising Fashionistas

The most memorable outfits from around campus.



Our school is home to many individuals who value their personal style, and advocate for dressing how they choose both on and off campus. Some may decide to go for a formal look, while others may opt for a more casual look in the classroom. Either way, it is evident that everybody, whether they know it or not, has their own style. 


A put together outfit can determine how a person feels throughout their day, which is true for sophomore Logan Smith. Smith uses his sense of fashion to express his personality, and believes a nice outfit is crucial to any first impression.


“Fashion conveys personality and represents how you want people to view you,”  Smith said “an outfit tells you a lot about a person, and can make a first impression.” 


Smith describes his style to be monochromatic with a mix of clothing that represent decades such as the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. A staple article of clothing for Smith would be his cargo pants or graphic t-shirts, which oftentimes he pairs together. He describes his outfits as streetwear and uses the media, such as apps like Instagram or TikTok, to find inspiration for his outerwear. 


“Wearing clothes that you think look good on you is fundamental” Smith said “fashion should represent you.” 

Also valuing dressing to enhance your personality, sophomore Felipe Muni believes that there is value in being both comfortable, and stylish at the same time. It’s important to Muni that his clothing fits nicely and allows him to move comfortably on campus.


“I choose outfits that compliment my body and fit nicely” Muni said “I don’t like anything too baggy or too skinny”


Muni is inspired to dress how he does thanks to the fashion designers and supermodels that he looks up to. He also enjoys fashion that was popular in the 70s, 80s or 90s, but prefers not to dress in his 90s clothing at school because he finds it less comfortable. A staple in Muni’s closet would be his crystal necklace that he wears everyday.


“I look at designers like Christian Dior and imagine being like him” Muni said “I just feel comfortable and like myself in the way I dress.”

Inspired by the 2000s, junior Leah Firpi has a creative style that she would describe to be girly and dainty. She thinks it is important to be self-sufficient in how you dress, and not worried about what others will think of you. She also values the ability to be comfortable in an outfit, but that factor is not always a deal-breaker.


“I don’t want to be worried or fidgety in an outfit” Firpi said “but sometimes the outfit is just too good to pass up, so I’ll take a little discomfort.” 


Firpi has many staple pieces in her wardrobe, such as shoulder bags, jeans, and jewelry. She enjoys dressing in a way that is inspired by the 90s and early 2000s, and usually decides her outfits based on what classes she has that day, or what the weather is like. She cherishes individuality in a person’s style and dresses in what makes her feel the most herself. 


“Instead of trying to fit in and dress like everybody else,” Firpi said, “pay attention to what you actually like to wear.” 

With a more modernized style than previous students, sophomore Izzy Cruz has a casual style that she describes as simple and put together. Cruz dresses to be cozy at school, but she also enjoys dressing more formally when she is out with her friends.


“I enjoy being comfortable and myself at school,” Cruz said, “however, I have no regard for the weather and I will choose to wear a sweater, even when It’s 80 degrees outside.”


Cruz incorporates jewelry into all of her outfits, and even enjoys creating her own that she both wears, and shares with her friends. An accessory she utilizes daily would be her silver peace sign necklace she made herself, alongside two bracelets that she never takes off.


“The jewelry I make is a creative outlet for me” Cruz said, “It’s really fun to make something that I can wear everyday while also getting to say I created it myself’